Today's WT: A Warning To You Loyal Witnesses

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  • metatron

    It happens without warning. You have a stroke. You get MS. You are in a car accident.

    They put you in the hospital. A month or so passes.... you're not getting out, friend-o !

    You can't walk or take care of yourself. You have to p*ss into a bag. You're more alone than than you've ever been before, in life. You're f**king terrified.

    They stick you in a nursing home that passes inspection thru handshakes and political influence. The friends in your Kingdom Hall visit a few times. They lose interest after a while saying, "I have to get my time in !". The elders show up to find out if you put 15 minutes in service this month or because the C.O. might ask about you.

    Where are your children? Where are your grandkids? Why aren't they here?

    They're not here - and they're not volunteering to take care of you in their homes because you obeyed a cold-hearted, distant cabal of cult leaders - who never need to worry about healthcare or money.

    In other words, YOU SHUNNED YOUR KIDS !! You know, your last line of defense, your blood relatives.

    This is your final reward for obeying the Watchtower. Now you know why the Governing Body has to keep nagging and nagging about shunning people. Some Witnesses are getting "enlightened" and that scares the sick, twisted men in command of this horror.


  • Shawn10538

    Interesting post!

  • talesin

    My parents are in a similar situation. My sibling and his brood (JWS) do nothing to help them, and b/c I am disfellowshipped, I cannot move in and help out. They are both ill.

    What to do? I have no say in anything, and when one is gone, I'm sure the other will have to go into a nursing home. I cannot let that get to me, and have spent years hardening my heart to the fact that it's beyond my control.

    at this point, this is how I must feel ======>*shrug*


  • shamus100

    I completely disagree, metatron.

    The elders won't even give you fifteen minutes every month.

  • Morbidzbaby

    I saw this a lot when I was in. Elderly widows who had no one to take care of them because their children all were either DF'ed or had left. And for their "faithful obedience", they were rewarded with either rotting at home with barely any visitors and a nurse coming in a couple of times a week, or rotting in a nursing home while getting bedsores and having their brains atrophy. I once inquired about a sister who was in a nursing home. I asked her daughter who is a Christian minister herself how often the "friends" went to visit her mother. She said they came a few times when she first got there and brought a couple of magazines. Since then, nothing. And I know she was being honest because I saw the mags....they were 3 years old. So I talked to an elder from her congregation and he said "Oh, yeah Sister B... She's been in there awhile... We'll have to make plans to go and see her again".

    To my knowledge, no one ever did.

    A part of me wonders if this will be the eventuality for my own parents. None of us kids are JW's. They are the only ones in. I wonder if they will ask us to take care of them or if they will depend on their "adopted" family to do so. If the latter, they're in for a rude awakening when the time comes.

  • TimeBandit

    Because of a choice I made to leave the cult and a choice my parents made to shun me (worse than shunning, they told me i'm dead) I will never know what becomes of my parents. Ever. Now that I'm past all the hurt the thought of never seeing them again isn't so bad.

    My only hope is that when they're on their death beds, dying all alone with no family or freinds around to comfort them, the last thought that comes to their minds is : " Holy Fuck! I just wasted my whole life! I threw all of my children away because they had different beleifs than mine. I destroyed my own family! Holy shit now it's too laaaaaaaaaaaaaate..."

    The only thing I can do is try to banish them from my mind so I don't go crazy.


  • steve2

    To restore some personal accountability to this overly-victim focused thread:

    I've known of families in which the loyal elderly JW has refused practical offers of help from disfellowshipped children and lamented the fact that their JW children in good standing are too busy or too far away to help.

    Boo-hoo. Not.

    Sometimes I sense a pride-driven wilfulness in older JWs even accepting practical offers of help from their children who have left the organization. Sure, we can "blame" the organization for reinforcing its loveless shunning policy - but, come on, in exceptional circumstances if it "suits" the JWs convenient "conscience", they do make exceptions.

  • blondie

    *** w81 9/15 pp. 28-29 pars. 15-16 If a Relative Is Disfellowshiped . . . ***

    15 For example, a disfellowshiped parent may be sick or no longer able to care for himself financially or physically. The Christian children have a Scriptural and moral obligation to assist. (1 Tim. 5:8) Perhaps it seems necessary to bring the parent into the home, temporarily or permanently. Or it may appear advisable to arrange for care where there is medical personnel but where the parent would have to be visited. What is done may depend on factors such as the parent’s true needs, his attitude and the regard the head of the household has for the spiritual welfare of the household.

    16 This could be true also with regard to a child who had left home but is now disfellowshiped or disassociated. Sometimes Christian parents have accepted back into the home for a time a disfellowshiped child who has become physically or emotionally ill. But in each case the parents can weigh the individual circumstances. Has a disfellowshiped son lived on his own, and is he now unable to do so? Or does he want to move back primarily because it would be an easier life? What about his morals and attitude? Will he bring “leaven” into the home?—Gal. 5:9.


    I have seen jw parents refuse help from df'd or da'd children which I think is going beyond what the WTS really wants (selfish reasons). But older jws tend to refuse anything blood even fractions scared and want to play it safe. I can see the same reasoning, don't know for sure, it used to be so easy to have definite rules in writing, so they cut themselves off.

  • jam

    Fortunately I was born into A large family. Before my

    Mom pass,( we Six children) alternated staying the nite

    with our Mom, Dad had passed. We did this for A year.

    By doing this she was able to live in her home not in

    some rest home. Everyone arranged their schedule around

    Mom, except my JW sister. I was Df, but she had no problem

    asking me to take her turn. Allways, needed to get my time

    in(door knocking) the meeting nite has changed, assembly.

    So thankful that my other Brothers and sister never became


  • sizemik

    Fair call Steve2

    I've also seen an elderly sister get all sorts of assistance from ex-JW rellies and the Elders not saying a word. (it means work they no longer have to do). The problem in this case was that she was out of da troof inside 12 months LOL.

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