How about 10 favourite albums (er, cd's)

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  • Grunt

    Wow, Amicus, you make me appreciate my freedom. I know we need the prisons, but they are depressing places to even think about. I used to have to go to Fountain (state prison in Atmore, Alabama) and buy and sell leather and finished products to and from the inmates for my dad when I was a boy. It was an eye-opener to say the least. It was pathetic then and it is still going now. I think Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash are great singers and their prison songs are among my favorites, Mama Tried with its line "I turned 21 in prison, doing life without parole" now sadly fits the brother of one of the kids I deal with. He murdered a couple who let him in to use their telephone, killed them for money to buy drugs with and then stole their car, Special Ed. kid with his vision stretching to the end of his nose. They had him double quick, and those poor, caring people were dead. They need places like the ones you are implementing. I can't imagine living like that, but can't imagine ever hurting someone who was trying to help me either. I enjoy your posts.

  • unclebruce

    Wow you folk like some cool music,

    Apart from all the oldies Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, John Lennon, Elton John, Springstein etc... My current favorites are:

    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (Aust. great cult fighting/head clearing)

    Elvis Costello and the Attractions

    The Pogues

    D.A.A.S. (Aust. iconoclasts extraodinaire)

    Billy Bragg

    Van Morrison

    Midnight Oil

    The Clash

    Like Amicus I love Dylan and Cash's "girl from the north country".


  • Prisca


    as soon as I read the words "Midnight Oil" the first few notes of "Beds Are Burning" (I think that's the title?) came into my head. Awesome Aussie band.

  • amicus

    The subject of Aussie bands reminds me of one of my favorites; although Split Enz/Crowded House were originally from New Zealand-they are often associated with Australia where they migrated and then earned recognition. I constantly meet people who have never been exposed to their compositions (with the exception of that overplayed aerobics room favorite "World where you live?"; "Great song, huh?"--"Yea! I love to workout to it."--"Have you ever heard anything else by the Finn brothers?"--"Who are they? "You mean that band does other songs?"--"Oh yeah, lots of 'em, do you know what that song is really about...)
    and I always leave converts in my wake...

    SIX MONTHS IN A LEAKY BOAT (T. Finn and Split Enz)
    When I was a young boy, I wanted to sail around the world
    That's the life for me, living on the sea
    Spirit of a sailor, circumnavigates the globe
    The lust of a pioneer, will acknowledge no frontier
    I remember you by, thunderclap in the sky
    Lightning flash, tempers flare, 'round the horn if you dare
    I just spent six months in a leaky boat
    Lucky just to keep afloat
    Aotearoa, rugged individual, glisten like a pearl
    At the bottom of the world
    The tyranny of distance, didn't stop the cavalier
    So why should it stop me, I'll conquer and stay free
    Ah c'mon all you lads, let's forget and forgive
    There's a world to explore, tales to tell back on shore
    I just spent six months in a leaky boat
    Six months in a leaky boat
    Ship-wrecked love can be cruel
    Don't be fooled by her kind
    There's a wind in my sails
    Will protect and prevail
    I just spent six months in a leaky boat
    Nothing to it leaky boat.
    (My leaving-the-WTS theme)

    Now, the Clash on the other hand....."THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN!...Ring, ring it's seven AM, move yourself to "Go" again. Cold water in the face, brings you back to this awful place..."

    On the subject of prisons, I feel compassion for those who are wrongly imprisoned. The men that are housed in the cells I described are for the most part human in appearance only. This compound is extremely expensive to build and maintain. The state only houses men (and at some sites women) here when they are completely unmanageable and can't be trusted to interact with the average killers and rapists found in the normal level 4 yard. Lots of interesting things to consider and discuss I see another thread on the horizon?

  • unclebruce

    G'day Amicus,

    I'm a tad surprised at the range of your tastes (not sure how much English and Australian music you get to here) '6 months on a leaky boat' was released at the time of the Faulklins war and I can't remmember if the uptight British banned it or it was banned in the British Navy. A lot of Aussie songs are banned in England - like "ICON" - one of the best albums ever produced in Australia (banned for the line "we'll get Kristna to take his shotgun and join the IRA")

    cheers, unclebruce

    PS: Johnny Cash is great for long trips on the road.

  • Prisca

    Yep, Split Enz/Crowded House were pretty good. Most of their songs were about love, often broken relationships, yet their words were sweet and had a nostalgic feeling to them.

    One example :

    Message to My Girl
    (or guy )

    I don't want to say I love you
    That would give away too much
    It's hip to be detached and precious
    The only thing you feel is vicious
    I don't wanna say I want you
    Even though I want you so much
    It's wrapped up in conversation
    It's whispered in a hush
    Though I'm frightened of the word
    Think it's time that it was heard

    No more empty self possession
    Vision swept under the mat
    It's no new year's resolution
    It's more than that

    And now I wake up happy
    Warm in a lover's embrace
    No one else can touch us
    While we're in this place

    So I'll sing it to the world
    This simple message to my girl

    No, there's nothing quite as real
    As the touch of your sweet hand
    I can't spend the rest of my life
    Buried in the sand

  • DannyBear

    Garth Brooks- The Dance

    James Taylor-all of his work

    Roberta Flack- Troubled Waters

    Lee Greenwood-I.O.U

    Hiroshima- Another Place

    Bett Midler- From a Distance

    Peruvian Flute and cymbals- several groups

    Steely Dan

    Stevie Nicks- leather and lace

    Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard live in concert....YahOOOO Cowboy's know how to party!

  • unclebruce

    G'day Prisca,

    <i>I can't spend the rest of my life

    Buried in the sand</i>

    Yeah, but if Old Tom had the the bbq at the beach!? ;)

    cheers, unclebruce

    PS: Danny - I can abide with most of the music you mentioned except the pan pipes (they drive me even nuttier than i am already! ... unclebruce leaves the room screaming and tearing his hair out ;)

  • DannyBear

    Hey Uncle,

    Thought you disappeared off the edge. Where ya been boy???

    Yeah I know my taste in music reflects my, shall I say, somewhat reduced activity stage in life. Iam not by any means done kickin up my heels now and then, but the party and dance till 2am three nights a week...I left behind a few years ago....T still gets me goin every once in awhile..just takes two days to recover now.

    Actually the Peruvian flute music is quite relaxing, certain groups use more percussion then others....there is some historical context and tradition, that comes through...when they blend some western music with their is wonderful.

    Take care my friend...was so glad to find a post from you. Thought you left us for greener pastures.


  • unclebruce

    G'day Mr.Bear,

    Hey don't apologise for your tastes we are all different - I love native music - just not the pan-pipes. 'Tuvan throat music' is incredible (traditional Mongolian - I'm a good imitator and can make a lot of unique sounds but couldn't copy that) Most of my music makes everyone run for cover. As I get older I like it slower and deeper (Elvis Costello, Nick Cave and Leonard Cohern must be aquired tastes - the misses likes Chris Isaak though)

    I've been spending my computer time all over the net. This board is the coolest. (great bunch of folks here - just gotta learn how to post properly (only just got used to cool boards)

    cheers c.g.

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