Any conspiracy theories you're convinced has some truth to it?

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  • Joliette

    I believe there is some truth to this stuff but I dont spend a lot of time on it.

  • NomadSoul
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    I'm not certain how the moon mounted camera was able to track upwards as it ascended.

    I recall seeing a documentary on the moon landings that covered some of these issues. There was an interview with the guy who operated the remote camera for this shot and he said it was amazing that it happened as well as it did. Because of the time delay in communications and control, he had to account for something like a 10 sec difference between action as it happened and control of the camera. As such, he had to trigger the upwards tilt and speed "ahead" of real time monitoring and did his best considering the known variables; countdown, time lag and estimated speed of ascension.

    Though difficult, I don't think it impossible as with most things NASA, details are calculated to a fine degree. Though timing was the critical factor, I recall the shot being fairly simple tracking, as depth of field and focus wouldn't be an issue with a set wide shot.

  • Nambo

    Caedes said "So, fancy actually providing any source for your comment?" A manager at work who knows my views and subsequently thinks Iam an idiot as well, his opening words to me when I turned up for work after he had just seen the BBC hit piece, "The Conspiracy Files", were that "the reason NORAD didnt intercept the hi jacked planes was they flew the wrong way because they thought the Russians where coming", and then looked at me triumphantly as if he had just delivered evidence that was of such profound logic that my views would from that moment on, forever be nullified. It proved to me how idiotic and gullible the average citizen really is, I replied something along the lines of, "do you think the Americans fly Sopwith Camels armed only with a compass and a map, havnt you heard of Radar"? ("OK chaps, lets fly this way, see if the blighters are over there") Its probably loaded on You tube or something, I did watch it once myself, most of it is to try and make "Conspiracy theorists" out to be mentally derainged instead of just giving evidence to valid questions.

  • cofty

    It proved to me how idiotic and gullible the average citizen really is - Nambo

    And here we have the reason conspiracy theories are so compelling. It makes people feel smarter than everybody else.

    75% of people think they are above average.

    most of it is to try and make "Conspiracy theorists" out to be mentally derainged

    I watched the series and it was packed with evidence. Funny how you watched it and didn't notice any.

  • sooner7nc

    4fuxsake. That's all I have to say.

  • Shawn10538

    Building 7 is the big one for me. It changed physics, as did the twin towers. The gentle grace and speed with which the buildings fell down - the precision of it all - it was like a ballet move by a very skilled dancer. It shocks the common sense of everyone seeing it. 100% of everybody seeing it said to themselves at least for a little while, "Wow! That is the exact opposite of how I would expect a building to fall if it were rammed by jets. In fact, I wouldn't expect it to fall at ALL. Or if it did maybe just partially. But to collapse upon itself in nice neat rows... it couldn't have been done cleaner if it were demoloished by specialists! Oh wait! Did I hear myself say that? Oh no, that's just too crazy. Physics itself must have changed because it is just too gruesome to imagine human beings would be so evil." Let me hear ONE person on this planet that did not say the above the first time they saw the buildings fall. ONE PERSON.

    Then, if you overcame that obstacle, later that day, a trash can caught on fire in Building 7 and then POOF! Building 7 fell down upon itself in a gentle, graceful, ballet move straight out of Ballet Rousse. It folded in upon itself and didn't so much as touch another building on its way down. the fires were so minimal that it was astounding just how poorly that building must have been built. There have been many great fires in many great buildings in history. but Building 7 was such a smal fire in comparison to so many others. Entire buildings have been ENGULFED in flames and stayed erect right down to the end when the fire was put out. But apparently the designers of Building 7 hooked up the smoke alarms to girders made of jelly so that the vibration of the smoke alarms going off made the building simply fall like a leaf on a beautiful Autumn day, being caressed and held all the way down until it had ended up literally putting itself in the dumpsters and dump trucks. They didn't even need shovels to clean it up. By the time they got to the site, it was already in the landfill, so clean was the fall. Physics had changed again.

    I hear the brilliant Archetectural firm that made "the Best Falling Buildings in the World" are working on a building that falls UP. Construction will be completed in 2019...

  • Shawn10538

    NomadSoul - hilarious. Did you make those?

  • Nambo

    Hopefully not, but worth checking out such things before an event.

    Heres an investigative reporter who used to work on the "Cook Report" who claims to have signed up with Group 4 Security as a security guard for the Olympic games, he claims to have been told some pretty bizzare stuff as well as whistleblowing the poor standard of G4S. And heres a Youtube clip of a Rockefella Foundation "prediction" of an olympic event that results in the death of 13000. Heres the document itself, a 54 page PDF, you have to scroll down to page 34 Dont shoot me, Iam only the messenger.

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