Any conspiracy theories you're convinced has some truth to it?

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  • cofty

    I wouldn't be surprised to hear they piggybacked the pentagon attack for personal interests.

    Can you suggest a possible reason?

  • skeeter1

    Here'e my own conspiracy theories:

    1) The government is trying to slowly kill us. Government subsidizes "bad" foods like corn, makes corn syrup, which makes us fatter quicker, which makes us diabetic, which kills people sooner. Government subsidizes cheese, makes agreements with pizza chains to pay for advertising of "double stuffed" products, which makes us fatter quicker . . . . Diabetes - 10 years of life after onset is my rule of thumb. Fat is also highly linked to heart disease and cancers. Kill us quicker, then less social security to pay out. This is how to fix the Baby Boomers. Kill them off. Government does not subsidize fruits and veggies, do they?

    2) The mortgage meltdown is part of the plan to turn us into financial slaves. Most family's largest asset was their home. Many baby boomers "retirement" was tied up in housing. Busted. Boomers now having to forego retirement due to no savings. Increased stress, earlier death. Ties into #1.

    3) Student loans are part of the plan to turn us into lifelong financial slaves. College tuitions rise becuase students do not protest increases enough. Why? Students buying on credit and the wide acceptance that student loans are good. But wait, tuitions increasing means loan prinipal is increasing. Student loans can not be wiped out in bankruptcy. Life long "tax" is what today's student loans turn into.

    4) Made it alot harder to give up your US citizenship. Now, it's a 10 year application process to diss your US citizenship. Makes it super hard for the wealthy to avoid complete US taxation.

    5) Monsanto is run by the Devil.

    The moon & 9/11 is a side show.

    Yeah, I have believed (or at least see how it's extremely plausible) in the Illumati & One World Government since 1978.



  • mind blown
    mind blown

    Yes, New World Order. I was actually in the process of starting a post, when I saw yours!

  • littlerockguy
  • simon17

    Regarding Big Pharma:

    I worked for them with scientists. In no way is there any directive to "ignore something that might be a cure" or "focus on treatments". The biological pathways that are being studied are so complex it is extremely difficult to really know exactly what is going on there, and what effects a new drug will have. Whehter you're modelling them with Baysian Networks or PDEs, they are too complex to have a firm handle on. Finding tangible and useable results is a cause of great excitement among scientists , biologists, genetists and mathematicians working on these drugs and models. If ever there was some sort of cure the excitement would be impossible to extinguish.

    So no, there is no conspiracy. THe human body is just so complex that making headway against one thing just causes so many other potential problems that it seems like all drugs do are cause other problems. But we really are trying our best!

  • skeeter1

    I think Princess Grace was killed becuase she knew too much of the New World Order stuff and wasn't going along with it. How could a new, luxury car in the Princess of Monaco's garage have bad breaks?

    And, Princess Diane was killed by the Queen!

  • d

    I do not believe in Conspiracy theories becuase they is no crediable evidence to prove any of it.

  • PaintedToeNail

    Do JW's or ex-JW's seem to be more prone to conspiracy theories than the average person? I've know a lot of conspiracy theorists in various congregations. Is our brain more suseptiable to these things than most other people, after all, we all fell for a huge conspiracy that has left our lives in ruin.

  • diamondiiz


    I don't believe that any government is beyond killing its own for a good enough reason. CIA and FBI not communicating has very little to do with it. If you look at hijackings prior and after of 9/11 NORAD responded quickly and efficiently. Few times escort planes were sent out (don't remember when the protocol took effect for this procedure). On 9/11 we're talking about multiple planes, hijacked at the same time, hit various targets at various times while no military planes were sent out to intercept any of them on time? Very odd. Afghanistan attacked soon after only with more important target soon to follow - Iraq, a country with huge reserves of cheap oil. Middle East is a strategic area and it makes sense for it to be in the hands of the western powers but you just don't go in and start a war. Sympathy card does wonders to rally support behind a war. US was going into a deeper recession and war is a great opportunity to kick start tumbling economy and 9/11 was great excuse to drop interest rates to 1%. Business is business. Was there one particular reason to do allow it or many it appears that there were multiple benefits from that horrible day.

    Of course I could be wrong but only time will tell and if there is any truth besides what we've been told it will be revealed long time from now. But it could be just my distrust of politicians that affects my view of the situation.

  • sir82

    We're on page 3 and no one has yet mentioned Queen Elizabeth being a lizard?

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