My Sparlock T is here----BUT

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  • NewChapter

    The only colors that came out were the blue and the white. Everything else is black, but I can see see it because the design is shiny---just no color.

  • NewChapter

    Okay, they told me that the problem was the t shirt is black---with no other color options. So they will make it again, and make sure the colors show through before sending another. They said I can keep this one anyway. So it's not perfect, but does have SPARLOCK the Warrior Wizard written in bright white letters.


  • sacolton

    That's very strange. It should look exactly like the proof.

  • NewChapter

    I know Sac. And it's not your fault. It's a color issue that they can fix---but it is good to know. She promised the colors will come out as vibrant in the proof this time---and let me keep this one. No worries. I was very excited though---and you did a beautiful job. So a heads up---if anyone else has the problem, make sure they call. It took me 5 minutes to get satisfaction.

  • sacolton

    Yeah, I was about to say it must have been something on their end. I'm surprised they didn't proof it before shipping. Hope it isn't a constant problem. Cafe Press is very reliable and never had any problems with them. Glad their customer service is 110%.

  • Phizzy

    GRAB YOUR SPARLOCK Tees WHILE YOU CAN FOLKS ! The WT may decide the merchandising spin-off , regardless of being embarassing, is worth so many $$$ that they may protect their little "demon" !

  • slimboyfat

    What's the easiest way to buy one of these T shirts in the UK?

    I really wish you would list them on Amazon - that would make it much easier!

  • sacolton
  • rebel8

    Oh, tee-shirt.

    And here I was thinking you meant "My T" in the Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil sorta way. IOW another "Sparlock is gay" thread. lol

    (In that movie there is a cross-dresser who calls his real gender "his T" or "Truth", in other words, his secret.)

  • Leolaia

    can you post a pic so we can see what you got?

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