My take on the new Be Jehovah's Friend DVD

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  • 00DAD

    In other words, WT/JW theology teaches you to be something you're not. As a JW you have to hide your real, authentic self.

  • 00DAD

    And another thing, what's with the awkward use of the word "sad", as in the mother saying, "I don't want Jehovah to be sad with you."

    That's just plain awkward. No one talks that way. I mean seriously!

    It seems that WHAT THEY REALLY MEAN instead of "sad" is "mad" but they're to slippery, devious and manipulative to just come out and say it.

    The conclusion is that "Jehovah loves you BECAUSE YOU OBEY HIM," not because you're good, smart, talented, funny, caring or anything else, but just because you obey.

    The so-called "love" of Jehovah is conditional on obedience. But, as I like to say, "If it's conditional, it ain't love!"

  • skeeter1

    Very good video!! Yes, the WTS picked the creepiest picture of Adam & Eve! Growing old. Means alot to a JW & JW child. Very good breakdown of the mind, thought, and emotional control going on in the video. I figured out in the 4th grade how to TOTALLY hide that I was a JW! By the time I was in high school, all of us JWs had it hidden very well. Even when we got together as JW high school kids in high school, we never let it slip even to each other that we were JWs! Amazing how we learned to hide it.

    Yes, my mother in her JW hayday (prior to 1975) would have burned the toy; all the while in a complete rant & rave over Satan while doing so. Then, she would have imagined demons in the house (shadows, lights going on & off, strange noises, etc.) and scared me into thinking that the toy brought demons into the house. She'd tell me that demons try to jump on top of little girls & boys at night, to suffocate them. She'd say that even the Catholics beleived in Demons, and had excorcists. Then, I would be terrified of going to sleep. I'd have nightmares of something heavy on top of me, only to wake up in a night terror. Becuase I dreamed of something heavy, the Demons were now after me. All because I had brought the wizard toy into the home. What my mother and the Society said was true - confirmed by my dreams....

  • OnTheWayOut

    I gotta imagine many many JW's kids learn to hide a bunch of stuff.

    I have heard of older kids having completely different clothing in their locker at school, having their friends take it home to wash it.

    Good reminders about the "rod" being the reality of JW's kids.

    Nice thoughts, Blond-moment.

  • Soldier77

    With all the other umpteen million Sparlock videos out ther, I thought oh boy, not another one. Then I watched your critique. Excellently done! Watching it with analysis brought it even further home. I grew up learning what to say and what to hide because my mother did this to me with my gi joes...

    Wow just wow... I learned my deviousness and sneakiness growing up in this cult. Thanks WTBTS...

  • flipper

    Very well done and great comments Blonde Moment ! I might add a couple things I noticed as well in the WT DVD. The use of the word " hate " several times by the JW mom was definitely a planned marketing mind control tool in production of this WT DVD. The WT society throws that word around WAY too often so that rank & file JW's learn to hate ANYTHING outside the organization , like Caleb, even at a very young age. As you stated it definitely creates CONDITIONAL relationships and views and a non-willingness to accept other world views.

    Also, I stated on another thread that the WT society used very subtle and manipulative mind control tactics at the end of the youtube when the mother blatantly just TOLD the boy " you know what I WANT to do ? Go on a bike ride, let's go ! " To show how her as the PARENT should determine WHAT Caleb does, that Caleb does NOT have a say in what fun activities he wants to do. Instead of her ASKING Caleb, " Son, would you like to go on a bike ride with me ? " It was more of an order that Caleb, " lets go on a bike ride " . In JW land what the child wants doesn't matter, their feelings, wants, needs, desires, are of little importance. What's important is WHAT the JW parent thinks is important. A sad life for JW children indeed

  • mind blown
    mind blown

    Wow so true! Good call blonde-moment! Between my own child, their JW friends and many other congregations kids, the things I later found out they were doing behind our backs, "was astonishing". They sure had us fooled. True!

  • Disillusioned Lost-Lamb
    Disillusioned Lost-Lamb

    Great video!

    You said things that I know/knew I did but hadn't though about it in awhile.

    After decades of the bullshit I've become very good at hiding (non-wash-towel approved) things along with giving canned answers when asked about what I do, or my feelings, just so I can be left alone.

    Your comments were like a punch in the gut, but a good one I may have needed, thank you.


  • snakeface

    I guess Caleb has learned to keep his warplane hidden, that he's playing with at the beginning of the video just before stepping on the clean floor.

  • flipper

    BTTT, important Sparlock thread ! Blond Moment did a great job on this thread. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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