I didn't get to play School Sports :-( ...did you?

by tresdecu 33 Replies latest jw friends

  • wasblind

    Like I said before , The smartest folks ever are the ones

    raised in this mess, and it was all they ever known, and yet

    they came to realize the WTS was full of bull, and left

  • simon17

    Yeah, one of the two things that I really wanted to do, couldn't do, and now have missed out and can never get back :/

    Would have looooooooooooooooveed to play sports.

  • Sayswho

    For me it's realizing we were forbidden doing 'normal' things for what has turned out to be FOR ALL THE WRONG REASONS...

    "If I Could Turn Back Time"... things would be different. (U would hope) that's what dreams are for


  • mercedes_29

    I played field hockey in High School. I wasn't baptised as a teenager so there wasn't much they coud do about it.

  • tresdecu

    Thanks for all your replies to this thread....always interesting to hear other experiences.

    It does seem to me that individual dubs, certain ones anyway, that let their kids participate in school sports. There are a few in my cong. Maybe I am just in a more liberal congo now. It just doesn't seem as strict as it was in the late 80s early 90s......when armageddon was, um just around the corner.

  • JWinprotest

    No I did not. This is by far my biggest regret, and I am very bitter over it. I had one Principle actually come over to my house one night to try and convince my mom to let me play soccer, I thought for sure she would give in, but she held her ground. She even used the bible to show him why I wasn't playing. I wanted to crawl in a hole and die!

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    NO, I was also part of the Caleb class. However, my kids do participate in extra curricular activities. I think they teach such great lessons about winning, losing, working with others, supporting others, and trying your best.

    Interestingly enough, my brother (who is a current elder) allows his daughter (a pre-teen) to play soccer. I'm thrilled that he is doing that but have no idea how he hasn't been deleted.

    I will say that I've had numerous JWs who know my kids participate approach me with questions and want to allow their kids. Almost to a person, these folks are born-ins who didn't get a chance to participate in things they would enjoy. The advice I've given is to all them to do it, just don't advertise it.

    Now with only 1 meeting night a week, it makes it much easier to find an activity that doesn't conflict. Sure beats Family Worship (tm)

  • tresdecu

    Doubting Bro...that's what I'm talkin'bout...I know a few of those too. 1 MS, and a widowed pioneer sis, who's young son plays basketball in Jr High. I think people are learning to stay out of others peoples buisness, well, in some congos anyway. Congregation dynamics from city to city, state to state are a funny thing. I agree it teaches kids some great lessons!

  • QueenWitch

    I was in school band for 1 yr only because it was during the school day. I failed because I couldn't play in hardly any of the concerts and I couldn't stay afterschool. Oh, I also turned down school govt in elementary school and dance team in high school. Mad about dance class. Being a big girl, I was honored that the teacher even considered me.

  • Twitch

    My younger brother played football and he was good at it. Had an article in the paper about him. Too bad his knee was taken out before the big chance. He had to lie to the dub parents about it apparently.

    I ran. Long before joining the track club in high school. I jogged to clear my mind and work the system but I liked fast. 100m was my thing, some 200m. Flat out, focused energy, maximize body physics, etc. The folks knew I ran coz I jogged as well and I told them I was lifting weights after school, which I was anyway. So a fairly easy white lie :) But I liked the rush of competition. Damn, some guys were fast; I thought I was the king of speed in the hood...

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