I didn't get to play School Sports :-( ...did you?

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  • tresdecu

    Just started watching 'Friday Night Lights' .... great show, but it's making me a little bitter! 17 years after high school, I am still bummed I didn't get to play football or baseball. I knew my Elder dad would get busted from the others in the Elders club. I would be labled as bad association perhaps...who knows what else.

    It still makes me mad to this day...all the fun I missed out on, and memories of catching a touchdown pass. Suck to grow up a JW!!!

  • designs

    My mother started studying with the JWs to get active again in 1960 so I just had time to join Track in Junior High School after that nada. I made sure my kids got to play in sports, my son Baseball and my daughter the Swim Team.

  • flipper

    I know how you feel. My dad was ( still is ) a staunch elder and as a teenager in the 1970's my high school P.E. coach wanted me to get on the baseball team as a freshman as I had some considerable baseball skills. I asked my dad and he said, " No, you can't join the baseball team as it's bad association and the practices are on meeting nights - Tuesdays . " So that put an end to that .

    But my other love music they haven't been able to steal away from me. I started playing guitar at age 52 last November and am thoroughly enjoying playing and writing songs now. I refuse to let them stop me no more forever

  • Morbidzbaby

    flipper, that's awesome that you have learned guitar! Just goes to show that it's never too late!

    When I was in school, I wanted to play field hockey. But, alas, competitive sports would have overlapped (ha) with meetings, service, assemblies, etc. So no field hockey for me. I am determined that my children that will not be raised as JW's will be allowed to do sports if they want to. I feel that playing sports of any type (whether it's track, swimming, ball, or even dance) gives them an edge and a desire to acheive higher than they would otherwise. Plus, they look good on a college application . I'm determined that my children will have better and be better than I did and am.

  • Leolaia

    Yes, we were all part of the Caleb class. Playing school sports makes Jehovah sad, and you don't want Jehovah to be sad! You won't like him when he's sad!

  • shopaholic

    Yes. My Dad is not a JW so I participated in school sports and clubs. Even traveled with them.

    I wish all JW kids had at least one non-JW parent.

  • Morbidzbaby

    @shopaholic, I had an "unbelieving" father, but he cowtowed to mom when it came to things like sports, worldly friends, and holidays. So even though some of us did grow up in "divided" households, we still got bupkis.

  • shopaholic

    Morbidzbaby, I guess every situation is different.

    The elders complained to my mom that our participation caused confusion among the other young ones in the hall. They talked with us about several times and then my mom had a conversation with my dad and then my dad had a conversation with the elders. The elders never mentioned anything about to us ever again. As long as we met the national avg in service each month my mom let us join whatever we wanted except cheerleading...because you are only suppose to cheer for God's kingdom.

  • Gayle

    The five of us were denied sports and extracurriculars. We all have left JWs (4 of us had even gone to Bethel for 4 yrs each). All of our combined 15 children have been "mega" into sports, 9 are college degreed and 3 are in 4 yr college currently.

  • yknot


    When I lived with my dad over the course of 2.5 school years I got to participate in school sports/activities....... I thrived deeply on a personal level.

    Living with mom/(ex)stepdad.....I got totally 'Caleb-ed' for any expressed desire to participate. I even learned to do a little 'self-Caleb-ing' when I found myself daydreaming at school about being on the squad, team or in the group.

    My children have full participation....I fight back tears and anger as I watch my mom beaming with admiration and pride as she watches/encourages my children..... Its just a very bittersweet and surreal moment with my mom....I am grateful beyond words she supports my kids in their endeavors-just wish I could had that kinda love from her as a child.......

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