Clueless Attempt at Information Control In New Brochure

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  • LostGeneration

    On page 28 of the "Who Are Doing the Watchtower's Will Today" brochure they outline their website, and how great and grand it is. Then down in the lower right corner they print this:


    Some Internet sites have been set up by opposers to spread false information about our organization. Their intent is to draw
    people away from serving Jehovah. We should avoid those sites. Psalm 1:1; 26:4 Romans 16:17

    Really? So I had to review the thing further to see if it was printed for JWs or the public. Looks like it is their new puff piece for the public, so I really had to laugh at this particularly lame attempt to keep people from investigating the JWs beyond their official site.

  • sir82

    Gosh - people put opposing opinions onto websites?

    Whooda thunk it?

    Learn something new every day!


  • nugget

    Unlike the watchtowers website that has been set up to give a false impression of their history and beliefs. The term opposers makes me chuckle ex church goers just get on with life they don't usually feel the need to oppose the faith they followed. Bad regimes have opposers, as does bad religion so by drawing attention to opposition they are highlighting that some people feel so negatively about their religion they feel the need to warn others. In witness world opposition equals proof of gods favour anywhere else it rings warning bells.

  • NewChapter

    When I recorded our encounter with JW's at college, in My Evil Apostate Plot, we had mentioned that we should just google disfellowshipping since we couldn't really get a straight answer anyway. The sister immediately said something like, "Oh that is not a good idea!". LOL Like she had some authority over people outside her cult to control their information. I don't know how clear it was on the recording though---but I made a note of it.

    So this brochure was made for the public. They are so haughty, they really do think they have some kind of right to tell people on the outside where they should go for their information. It's a losing battle! It is the age of the internet. No longer must you hide in your room to look at apostate sites! You can get them easily on your phone, ipad, video games, laptop. It's hysterical. They never could have seen this coming, and they will never be prepared for it.


  • cedars

    They're getting REALLY desperate now!!

    If I were a new one in the organization, I would be thinking "what have they got to hide?"


  • LostGeneration

    It really shows the quandry they are in. On one hand, they want to promote their little cult online, which could reach so many more potential converts. On the other, literally 10 times the information in opposition sits right there for a potential convert to evaluate.

    Just like shopping for a car you sure as hell aren't gonna click on the first website, believe everything they say, walk into the dealership and walk out with a new car.

    When you can't control the information, drip feeding it into the potential converts mind slowly and methodically, you lose.

  • Blind_Of_Lies

    "Who Are Doing the Watchtower's Will Today"

    ^ Is that a joke... or is there really a new tract with that title?

  • LostGeneration

    LOL, good catch Blind Of Lies. I substituted "Watchtower's" for "Jehovah's"

    But we all know that the brochure means the former.

  • Blind_Of_Lies

    So the real title is:

    "Who Are Doing the Jayhoober's Will Today"


    Nothing schocks me anymore lol

  • ScenicViewer

    Some Internet sites have been set up by opposers to spread false information about our organization.

    This is the kind of thing that can backfire quickly. The first time a reader hits a site with documented information about Watchtower (not information that is made up, unsupported, or false) and that information is negative to Watchtower's reputation, the reader has his eyes opened a little for the first time.

    From there it is a relatively quick trip to asking self, 'Who is really publishing false information?' It doesn't take long to realize that the Society has plenty to hide, and that it's efforts to keep people from getting answers are nothing but self-serving.

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