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  • AGuest

    jumping [back] in... for a sec...

    Greetings to you ALL, the Household of God, Israel... those who go with... and all others here! The greatest of love and peace to you ALL!

    I'm just sticking my head in to say (because several have asked and it's not fair of me to make them have to answer for me, so):

    I'm okay

    Actually, I'm great

    Well, my life is great

    And, my health is great

    And, work is great

    And, of course, God is great (and good) - my belief and opinion, and ah ain't 'shame 'o it, by no means'o stretch (HEY, MIZ SYLVIE!!!!! Glad to see you're doing well, gurl - ah red ya'llz post so zats how ah no's...)

    Christ is great (wonderful, even!), of course, which is why my life is great... all the time... regardless of its situation, circumstance, and/or status at any given time, and

    I'm having a great time (at work, at home, with hubby, kids, pups, friends, family),

    I am busy working (secularly and for my Lord)... and both are great, doing both is great, and

    I miss (and love) you all... yep, even you codgers, curmudgeons, grumps, ridiculers, naysayers, non-believers, no-namers, self-styled "intellects", outright heathens, and what not... and certainly you children of Israel... indeed, ALL you sinners in one way t'other, like mah ownsef...

    And that's all, really.

    Nothing to share from Lord, right now (sorry, for those who may have been hoping - indeed, I actually think it's all there... well, here, in one post or another, everything he gave me to share with you... and more. Everything you need to know, IMHO. But you never know... ) and so I will certainly come back and share anything I receive that you can benefit from (actually, there is one brief thing, that I was given to share with another dear one, but it most certainly can be beneficial to others):

    This dear one had a dream wherein we were both riding bikes, I was in the front, and at some point she lost sight of me and began to panic. There's more to the dream (eventually, she caught sight of me again, and we were headed to a Mexican restaurant in a "bad" part of town so she wanted to stay close to me)... and my Lord directed me to tell her that losing sight of ME is no reason to panic - it's losing sight of HIM that is cause for panic... and sometimes we lose that sight because we're too distracted, too busy "sightseeing" as to the things AROUND us... or watching others) rather than keeping our eye on him. Here, the dear one was watching ME, instead of Christ... and then got so distracted with things around her, that she lost sight of me. But as you all know, I'm no one: I am not anyone's leader, but everyone's servant; Christ's first, though, of course. If she keeps her eye on HIM, though, then even if she loses sight of me... she'll be just fine and end up where she's supposed to end up. Even if that is a somewhat "dangerous" seeming place. HE will make sure she gets there safely... and makes it through. Not me. She got it, of course, praise JAH!

    Other than that, though, just wanted to let those who were "curious" know that I'm alive and well... and doing fine (really well, actually, both secularly and in working for my Lord - yep, still doing that, of course, just not here these days - more in person, as my Lord sees fit - and having a ball with it!).

    For those of you who can receive it: again, peace to you and may the undeserved kindness and mercy of my God and Father, the MOST Holy One of Israel, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, whose name is JAH... of Armies... and the love and peace of His Son and Christ, the Holy One of Israel, my Lord, Master, and King, JAHESHUA, the Chosen One of JAH... be upon you... and your entire household... to time indefinite... if you so wish it!

    For those of who you cannot... peace to you, as well!

    Servant to the Household of God, Israel... to those who go with... to the world... and a slave of Christ,


    P.S. I cannot promise when I will be back after tonight, so please if you post a greeting please forgive and bear with me if I don't respond for some time. Peace!

  • Berengaria

    Hey Shelby!!! I've been thinking about you! Happy to see you are well.

    Love, a sinner :-)

  • mrsjones5

    Yay, missed you honey! I'm gonna call you gf. We are doing so good in our new digs! Ok, now I'm gonna go back and read your post in its entirety.

  • justmom

    a guest.....

    Too cute!!! Thanks for sharing!!!! Just wanted to lurk and there you

    Love ya!!!!!

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    WOW....I had some very strong thoughts about you today, wondering what ever happened to you and now here you are!!! Welcome back.

    Think About It

  • wasblind

    Hey there Shelby

    sooooo glad to see ya gurl

    just logged on, Oh my goodness Miz sylvies back !!!!!!!

    now we need Outlaw, soon as the aliens get through wit 'em

  • Berengaria

    LOL Wuz!!! Now I'll have visions of aliens probing the Mountain Man. With a bucket of KFC on the side!

  • ShirleyW

    Well. Snowbird and Shelby return on the same day !!

    Hope all's well with you !

  • wasblind

    Beks, did you say probin'

    Outlaw !!!! play slim whitman, it killed the aliens

    on the movie " Mars Attacks "

  • tec

    You always bring such words of comfort. I love what you shared today. When we get distracted and take our eyes off our Lord, for whatever reason, we can get frightened and panicked into thinking we won't find Him again. When all we really have to do is be calm, reach out... and He is there; He finds us. We just couldn't see Him past our distraction.

    Peace and always much love to you,


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