These movies/songs are banned if you are a JW

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  • blondie

    Officially in writing, the WTS avoided naming any specific movies. I remember ET and Star Wars mentioned long ago but not banned in the publications. The Catholic church used to have a list with specifically named movies and the WTS decided to avoid that. Instead they give a list of qualities, murder, spiritism, etc., in movies.

    Here's an article on the movie E.T. but it is not banning the movie. I have heard COs and elders from the platform make a judgment call for others but it is not coming officially from the WTS unless it is in writing in a publication.

    *** g83 7/8 p. 27 Christ or E.T.? ***Christ or E.T.?E.T.—The Extra-Terrestrial burst on the scene in the United States this past summer, attracting theater audiences in record numbers. In only six weeks it grossed nearly $150 million. With spin-offs in E.T. dolls, toys and other merchandise—as well as the movie’s release in other parts of the world—it is estimated the public could spend a whopping $1 billion on E.T. Why the E.T. fever?

    The movie depicts an ungainly 3-foot (90-cm)-high creature from space, stranded on earth, who befriends a ten-year-old boy named Elliott. E.T.’s friendliness and benign powers, such as healing the boy’s cut finger and bringing flowers to life, win the affection of Elliott and his family. Sadly, a wasting illness appears to take the creature’s life. But when he is inexplicably “resurrected” before Elliott’s eyes audiences cheer. His touching good-bye, when E.T.’s alien friends take him home, leaves hardly a dry eye in the theater.

    Interestingly, many have noted parallels in the story to that of the life of Jesus Christ. Said Professor Albert E. Millar, Jr.: “I think the thing that struck me most was the idea of the capacity to heal, and then when E.T. died and was resurrected.” We have in E.T., then, an enchanting Messiahlike figure that gives momentary emotional release to our need for a true friend with powers greater than ours. Therein lies the movie’s great appeal.

    Despite its seemingly Christian message, however, the movie subtly condones youthful misbehavior. In an early scene we find youths playing “Dungeons and Dragons” in a smoke-filled room with a lighted cigarette on the table. Later on, when E.T. gets drunk sampling beer, and Elliott in telepathic sympathy feels the effects, it is all portrayed as something cute. Further, some of the language used by these children is gross profanity. This, along with the supernatural aspects of the movie, has bothered many Christians.

    Whether parents or their children see this movie is, of course, a matter of personal choice. But because of the movie’s great popularity, let us not forget that it becomes an effective vehicle for sugarcoating youthful conduct that is definitely wrong.


    may be a skillfully constructed and highly entertaining movie. But it provides no substitute for our True Friend, Jesus Christ, who saves us from this dying, wicked world. After all, E.T. is make-believe. Christ is reality.
  • cantleave

    Whn I was a teenager Supertramp" were considered a "debased" band. Never understood until I left. A lot of their lyrics are about thinking for yourself and finding your own direction.

  • WTWizard

    When I was going in, the dingbat dragging me into the cancer wanted me to throw away any records by Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Simon & Garfunkel, Van Halen, and Journey. He insisted that Jehovah would destroy my apartment if I didn't--to which I answered that I would simply build another, this one more to my needs.

    They didn't like the idea of my listening to Michael Jackson (one of the greatest singers of all time), because of his disassociation. The scumbag insisted that he disassociated in 1985 to throw We Are the World into question and get me to throw away that blockbuster song (the year was 1987). They also hated Led Zeppelin--and wanted me to be afraid of it. Ditto things like Culture Club (because Boy George did horse), and way too many others. If it had even a mild reference to sex, it was "bad".

    Problem is, the more you are afraid of "bad" songs, the more power you give to whatever force is in it. If you accept that Jimmy Page is a Devil worshiper but don't let that spoil your enjoyment of their music, that gives it that much less power. Whatever Satanic messages (for good or for bad) are embedded into the music are nothing compared to the damage you can do (your own mental energy, plus those filthy angels getting you even more afraid of music) if you are always worried about it. And, where is the psychic energy in Michael Jackson's Thriller album to ruin one spiritually? Even now, I don't worry about a song that was put out by a prominent right-hand path religious band--for the simple reason that doing so only gives that group more power. Better to listen to, and enjoy, a song with good artistic merit but that you don't believe in the message or you dislike the group that the artist belongs to than to give that message or the group more psychic power on you.

    Now, if only they would have had that attitude toward Led Zeppelin and Michael Jackson, more people would enjoy those songs even if they disliked (at the time) their affiliations or didn't believe in the message. And they would have done less damage (especially direct damage because you are afraid of their music) that way than they actually did--most people don't succumb to the message, and just because an artist is a religion you hate or represents a group you hate doesn't compel you to join that group.

  • Deceived

    Talesin you have a PM, OMG I never checked my mail here and see a message from you. So sorry.

  • shopaholic

    Meet the Parents

    Three's Company

    That's So Raven

    Oprah during her "change your life tv, get spiritual" phase

    Tae-Bo, spposedly it had also been banned from all Bethel facilities..

    All gospel music and any non-gospel song that was remade by a gospel singer.

  • DT

    Even classical music wasn't safe. I remember an article warning about music by Wagner, Mahler and Stravinsky. I avoided them for years, without really getting a chance to listen to them and make my own decision.

    Ironically, there was an article that suggested that Handel's Messiah was actually OK to listen to, despite it's apparent connection to Christmas. It was pointed out that it wasn't written for Christmas and that it contained upbuilding scriptures set to music. I had some fun pointing that out to other witnesses when they criticized it or other pieces of classical music that fell into the same category.

  • puffthedragon

    In Bethel there was a secret banned list of movies music and video games. They would search your room while you were at work and if they found them, you could be kicked out of bethel. I actually knew guys who got kicked out for playing Halo. I knew another guy who got kicked out for seeing the Matrix. Sheesh.

  • aquagirl

    Anything with Stevie Nicks{witch} or John Denver{hated JWS}..

  • Violia

    Meat Loaf''s " Bat Out Of Hell". I bought it b/c I liked most of the album . I even got rid of it at the same time we heard the bethlites were throwing out their albums. I am so glad one of my spawn found it at a garage sale a few years later. Jim Steinman , the writer of most of Meat Loaf's songs (at that time) said it was really just a love song , much like " Tell Laura I love her" . Once I realized this I just fell in love with the music. It is a great teenage angst and among some of the best teenage anthem songs. , " Paradise by the dashboard light" , " All Revved Up With No Place To Go ".

    Jim Steinman is just an amazing writer, Wagnerian rock being his influence. His style comes from Richard Wagner works and Jim is mentioned toward bottom of page "influence on popular music". Combined with Meat Loaf's Operatic rock voice and larger than life stage presence, they made rock history.

  • usualusername

    Blue Orchid was mentioned by name at my Circuit Assembly or SAD.

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