These movies/songs are banned if you are a JW

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  • usualusername

    99% sure grease was banned in Watchtower or Awake.

  • talesin

    None of these were "banned".

    I suppose you will next be telling us that 1975 was not heralded as the end.

  • biometrics

    None of these were "banned".

    I clearly remember getting a "banned" list in the late 1980s. All the teenagers in our KH huddled around to see what was on that list.

  • Chariklo

    My study conductor sat in my house one day and told me what DVD's I had to get rid of.

    An elder complained, even, about Star Wars!

  • EmptyInside

    It's only individual elders that made up such lists. I've never seen a list in the magazines. I did see negative comments written about the movie ,"E.T." . They said that E.T. was supposedly to represent Jesus or something.

    And I know in my old congregation they made a fuss about "Avatar".

    There was an elder in the congregation when I was younger who made a list of bands that should be banned. He made copies for all the elders' families. What nerve! The Beatles were on the list.

    I think back at assemblies and the one giving a talk about how bad music was,would give examples of songs in the 1960's! It was at least late 80's. Can't they come up with anything popular at the time.

    I know in one outline in a public talk about God's standards they mention how the dance the twist was inspired by tribal, fertility dances. I mean my brother gave this talk in the late 80's and early 90's and he still used this example. I hope if he still gives this talk,he updated it a bit.

    Some Witnesses don't think they should even go to PG-13 movies,and I know one old timer who doesn't believe in going to movies at all.

  • biometrics

    The banned list I saw had an official Watctower letterhead. If I remember correctly it was from the Australian branch.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Guy Pierce declared at our CA that we should not see "Brokeback Mountain," but I don't remember why ...

  • JakeM2012

    The Beatles were bashed in the 60's, "I want to hold your hand" was so demoralizing. I thought they had an article in the Awake about the Beatles but I haven't found it in the Library CD.

    Demonstrations about a mom helping her daughter to pick appropriate music and Elton John was not named specifically but there was no doubt who they were talking about because he had just come out as bi-sexual.

    Led Zeppelan's "stairway to heaven" because if you played it backwards in one part it said, "worship Satan". Backward masking or listening to songs backwards seems to be someone's preoccupation.

    Eagles were bad, "Hotel California" for some reason.

    As far as movies, R-rating movies were a no-no that would keep you out of paradise. Some families would not even watch PG-13.

    The second Indiana Jones was named at the Bethel table. I didn't like that one anyway.

    Rules upon rules, always something for the self-righteous to glamorize themselves. I always loved it when brothers wanted to impose their conscience on your own. I jokingly told them that "I made a deal with my conscience, I wouldn't bother it if it did'nt bother me". Of course I used to listen to Elvis singing How Great thou art in the FS, never had anyone say anything about it.

  • finallysomepride

    Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road was banned...the whole album, something about porn I believe

    I kept it anyways LOL

  • Cirkeline

    "Dirty dancing". We were warned in public talk at a convention about this specific movie back in the 80'ies.

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