Would Witnesses drink "the cool-aid" if instructed to by the Governing body?

by Witness 007 25 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • wasblind

    As others have stated, Witnesses have already committed a mass suicide

    by refusing life savin' treatments where blood was concerned

    Jim Jones, killed wit Kool-aid

    The WTS, wit Blood ban

    Same result by a different means

  • blondie

    But jws can still conceal their use of blood as individuals. In Jonestown, there was finally no where to hide except for a few that ran to the woods.

  • cantleave

    I have often wondered if the GB made a statement that the sealing of the annointed is about to reach its climax, and to get into heaven and be in the very of the Universal father, Jehovah, all you have to do is release yourself from your fleshly body today, how many would actually do it? I think a fair few!

  • shopaholic

    I agree with NewChapter, there would need to be some conditioning first. Something like:

    "This world is going nowhere and is best left to Satan and his followers. Dear brothers, we wouldn't have to tolerate the machinations of the devil, we can simply wake up and be in paradise. It would be much easier for Jehovah to destroy all those who chose not too heed his message if his faithful followers were not among them. We don't have watch our loved ones suffer at the hand of persecution or be under further pressure ourselves by the independent spirit of this world that has already taken so many of our dear brothers. Over the next few weeks we will consider a special brochure for the congregation bible study entitled, "Enjoy The Promise of Everlasting Life NOW". Each baptized publisher will receive a copy at the start of each bible study session and it will be collected at the end of each session."

    After several weeks of conditioning, I think 70% would drink it. For most of those folks it would be due to peer pressure. Who wants to look like they don't trust the slave, I mean, Jehovah? The 30% of folks that don't drink it would be primarily comprised of JWs from first world countries.

  • wasblind

    Didn't think of it that way Blondie,

    If it wasn't for the concealment, a lot more would have died

  • Fernando

    Being God's VISIBLE representatives (actually golden calf) means they are always right no matter how wrong they are.

    Elderette: "its better to be wrong with the GB than right on your own"! Now koolaid is no longer that much of a stretch...

    At any rate every single meeting spiritual koolaid is served and gulped in copious quantities...

    It is no accident that followers of the GB are kept completely ignorant of the "good news" according to Paul, Moses, Isaiah, Psalms and more...

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