Would Witnesses drink "the cool-aid" if instructed to by the Governing body?

by Witness 007 25 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Balaamsass

    I think a third would.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    The blood and transplant doctrines have already killed more than died at Waco and Jonestown.

  • MrFreeze

    I honestly think 25-30% that are in, are not really into it. They go through the motions, do what they are told because they are afraid to lose family/friends if they left it. So I think at least 1/4 would not.

  • biometrics

    Most of them would.

  • mP

    They have been stupidly believing in 1914 even after that generation have all passed away and gone to heaven...

  • puffthedragon

    I am sure some would. And I am sure that, with conditioning, some would turn to violence against their fellowman if told that God wanted them too.

  • bigmac

    many would eat a fresh dog turd if it were "suggested" by the WTS.

  • notjustyet

    "Say the pledge of allegiance or I will kill you now!" Many will say "kill me now."

    "Bow down to this statue or I will Kill you now!" Many will say "kill me now."

    "If you refuse this blood, you will die!" Many will say "then I will die."

    I think that if push comes to shove and there is a "loyalty" issue they would prefer to die as they view themselves as a martyr.

  • JakeM2012

    So is it the idea that the WT lawyers get all the property and cash personally available to themselves and then get everyone to drink the coolaid and retire in France next the Angolina and Brad? Perhaps they would change the idea on memorial partakers so that everyone partakes and then send the congregations a "special" bottle of unfermented wine. Oh, so evil.

    I don't see the mass suicide any benefit to WT financially, it's hard to get money from a dead person unless they have life insurance, property, or cash and WTS is named as beneficiary. Some life insurance won't pay if it is suicide, the results would be held up in court. Then you have the class action suits when everyone dies from the surviving unbelieving families. Too much trouble.

    It seems more effective to liquidate the branches, get rid of the overhead of feeding the bethel families, taking care of the elderly bethelites, minimize the printing cost by having the pubs do their own, then guilt trip everyone into donating everything for one last march around the walls of Jericho before the finale (we really mean the final end this time) when the trumpets are blown and the walls fall down. Oh, they have already done most of this. Duh?

    WTBTS already has everyone drinking the coolaid, and providing them a "living sacrifice" why mess up something good? You can shear a sheep's wool once a year maybe twice, but you can only slaughter it once. I'm still curious who owns the original stock and what kind of cut they are getting? When you have a worldwide business and money and product are moved and exchanged their are plenty of opportunities to skim, especially with the latest monopoly branch trades. Ok, I'll trade the Brooklyn Boardwalk and Parkplace for Pennsylvania Avenue properties and 1 Billion dollars.

  • blondie

    This gets discussed every so often. My experience is that many people have limited knowledge of what really happened then. Many members did not go to Guyana not liking the increasing control. In Guyana, the people who went were separated from the communities around them and from their family had little or no information from the outside. There had been a weeding out process. People were physically and mentally and emotionally isolated. Whether they ate or drank was controlled. Many people had guns to their heads to drink, they watched their children given poison by other people and die and then they felt life was pointless. HeavensGate also weeded out the less faithful before the final group suicide.

    jws are not the obedient slaves the WTS paints in the publications and few jws have had their obedience to the WTS tested. They can always conceal what they do at home or out in the larger community of non-jws. I know many jws who associate with df'd family, including elders. Or elders that go to R-rated movies in the US although I have good sources who say elders were threatened with removal if they got caught. But the message is keep it hush hush. It jws in this area suddenly had to disappear into the woods to be safe, they lack the skills, would put self first, too many cooks in the kitchen,and would worry about their personal safety not the congregation's. In Nazi Germany, many bible students fell by the wayside and others betrayed the group.

    jws need to be conditioned and weeded out more before there will be any koolaid drinking.

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