I may be stepping down!

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  • notjustyet

    Reality check,..look at it this way.

    Thoughts are very small electrical firings in a brain right?, hardly measurable at best. Now your "hardly measurable" thoughts are worried about your friends "hardly measurable thoughts". See where I'm going here?

    These things really do not matter one iota once you realize that it is all based on a lie anyway.

    You are one of the lucky ones that have figured it out, you made it out of the cage alive, don't look back at those still in wonder what they are thinking, it would be a waste of a good escape.

    If you really want out wear a foil cap to the meeting. lol

  • bigmac

    i walked away from being a servant--and a pioneer--more than 40 years ago. this was before the "elders" business model had been invented. i then--"faded"--for a few years--only no-one called it by that term then. it was called being "weak". or--in my mind--strong. i finally broke all links with the start of 1981. yes--i survived 1975 intact.

    with every step away from the religion--the light will become brighter. the day you sever all ties will be one of the best days of your life. i hope you then enjoy many years ahead of you--like i have been.

  • TOTH

    Oh you're young and you got your health...WHAT do you need with that job?

    Keep your head UP and screw the judgers!

  • Conan The Barbarian
    Conan The Barbarian

    Play it cool and don't get upset or confrontational. If you haven't been warned, they probably will just talk to you about some deficiency and ask you to correct. If that is the case, consider moving to another Congregation. The present Congregation will send your cards and a letter where they won't recommend you, and then will announce that you have been deleted because you moved. It is a slam dunk. Then you can do as you wish.

    you can do what you wish

  • straightshooter

    I found it never easy to be in front of the elders. Though I always told myself that they are mere men trying to intimidate me, they still always bothered me. You will definitely have more freedom, but many in the cong will view you as not doing what you should to be "reaching out" for more volunteer cong work. Since at the time I continued to stay in the cong, it took me several years to not let a removal bother me.

  • diamondiiz

    If they don't remove you, maybe start telling people that you're thinking of stepping down because you got too much on your plate at this time or something to that effect so that the rumors get to the elders and meet you and you can step down without others wondering why you were no longer a MS. Rumor mill should have spread by then to most why. In the long run, these people really won't make a difference in your life. If you fade or da, most will cut their ties with you since you no longer go to meetings or shun you for da or even for fading. Once you decide you no longer want to be a dub you also have to realize you will lose most of those whom you know. Simply, JW can't be anyone's real friends, even their entire families are superficial.

    For any lurker or outsider the best advise is not to get attached to jws or any who believe in wts doctrine, don't date them and don't gamble with cult personality because it will bite you in the ass in the end.

  • UnConfused

    For what general reason are they thinking of deleting you? Don't tell me you've been speaking up and thinking out loud!

  • Kool Jo
    Kool Jo

    Hello All:

    Thanks for all your responses...I haven't met with the elders yet, but I'll let ya'll know what was discussed...

    @Unconfused: I haven't been speaking up about what I'm learning about the WTBS....it's that as a MS, I haven't been "building up" the congregation because I spend a lot of time at my job...as time goes on, I know they're going to tell me that I can be considered to be an MS in the future again...but knowing what I now know...it's a definate NO!!! I know they'll pressure me to "make changes" so I can be more involved in the congregation, but I can't pretend for much longer that I'm a real JW...

    I'm trying to position myself so that I step down as the CO and one of the elders suggested...when the announcement is made of my deletion I'm going to be very happy....may go in town for a drink after the announcement.

    Kool Jo

  • UnConfused

    Use the announcement as a reason to become "depressed"....start missing some meetings.......service.....go to a doctor and get depression medication....look sad....miss more meetings.....tell them you feel too unworthy to go out in service.....too embarrassed to live with yourself.....rinse / repeat until your fade gets you "disconnected".


  • Quendi

    Since you say you plan to "fade", then this is one more step in that direction anyway. Why care what the congregation thinks since you have already decided to sever ties with it and the organization? I don't mean to sound harsh, but it's time to man up. If you're leaving, then you're leaving whether you get deleted or not, isn't that so? Once you're gone, others will form whatever opinions they want to hold whether you are still in good standing or not.

    Your case illustrates the enormous power this organization still wields over people. Most if not all of us who have left went through this agonizing and for no good purpose. It's only when you're good and gone that you can look back and ask what was I worried about? Sieze your freedom with both hands, turn your back on these hypocrites, and then walk away and reclaim your life, Kool Jo. To paraphrase a scripture, 'There are more people with you than there are with them.' Take comfort in that knowledge and be sure to move in any direction--as long as it is forward!


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