Who or what are you most angry at, when it comes to your situation in relation to JW Org?

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  • Ding

    Every time I drive by the local KH, I feel very saddened by all the wasted hours JWs spend serving a small group of men they don't even know, thinking that by doing so they are (maybe) making themselves acceptable to God.

    I feel especially upset with regard to the children because they have no choice.

    As Flipper says, the WT leaders destroy natural affections of JWs, pitting family member against family member. all over blind devotion to that small group of anonymous men who usurp the role of God and Christ in their lives.

  • blindnomore

    It wasn't our fault putting our trust in something that we believed it 'truth'. Our trust and sincereness have been robbed and taken advantaged by a few selfish greedy men.

    Look at what's going on in Syria right now? Who Syrian army think they are fighting for and killing their own fellow neighbors? They are doing it all for a selfish dictator Bashar al-Assad, who could careless about his own people but himself only. Only if his followers know any better! But would you still pick up the gun to kill al-Assad's opponents that are your neighbor?

    Other words, would you hurt, spy, falsely testfy, divorce your fellow believers just because your leader told you so? That is complete opposite of Christianity.

    My point is that it is selfish dictators and even some of their extreme followers(IMO, this is the case with most cult members) are the ones who have to answer for their exploitation and abusiveness. We are just inocent victims. If you feel angry or disappointed at them, you have every reason for it whether you are born-in or converted.

    All I did was trusted them with everything I have. I gave them my entire being for decades and at the end I was viciously stripped off by them . My sin? I stoop up to their abusiveness toward children and refused to conpromise and condone myself to their crimes. I might had been a brain washed cult member but knew right from wrong. Child abuse of any form is always wrong. To my shock, not every JWs, in fact, most JWs don't do the right thing when they are faced. Most of them condone their leaders and excuse for them. What is more they even persecuting the victims by fully cooperating to their elders. ( did I go off the topic a bit?)

    Hitler couldn't have carried out any of his agenda without his foot soldiers' actual works. Goodness, some of his soldiers stood up to his evil schem and costed their lives. I have no use for GB's foot soldiers for the same reason. Of course, the ultimate imposters are the GB.

  • BizzyBee

    I was in therapy many years ago and explaining the negative impact of growing up as a JW. The therapist kept asking if I held my parents responsible. I kept saying, No, they didn't know any better because they both were brought into it quite young. It wasn't their fault. He leaned forward and stopped me and said, "But they were the ones who raised you in it." I finally understood that it was OK to be angry and OK to hold them responsible and OK to wish my upbringing had been different. It allowed me to deal with it and move on.

  • mamalove

    I am over the theocratic lies, the false doctrine part. I am more angry that I don't have a relationship with my sister. I am baffled that my smart mother clings to this. I don't think that I have had closure on the sister and mom part. We have never spoken about my decision to leave. It just slowly went silent on the other end.

  • just Ron
    just Ron

    Myself for not making more of a stand over the issues and letting them take 12 years of my life.

    just Ron

  • mrsjones5

    I think I'm most angry at my parents. Our relationship doesnt have to be this way. Looking back I really think they (or at least my mother) really wanted me to get baptised and marry a white brother. Anything other than that was going to be a disappointment for them. No I didn't get baptised, no I didn't marry a white brother, but the kids are here now and they will be grown soon, wouldn't it be the time to get over all that and be there for your grandkids? Apparently not so for my parents. I talked to my brother about this and we touched on the thanksgiving fiasco. He told me that my mother wants me to ask, no beg would be a better word for it, to allow me to bring my husband and the kids to her house. Not going to happen.

    My oldest graduates from high school this Friday on my birthday. My parents aren't invited. It's my son's day and I don't want them to ruin it.

  • Glander

    "hate" and "angry" are not the same. I am not angry at anyone, but I hate what the WTB&TS calls the "Governing Body". They are evil. They create doctrines that can destroy a persons very life and then change it when it is beneficial to them.

    The self-serving disfellowshipping practices they have created are a monstrous cruelty that have reverberations that are nothing less than horrific to thousands of good people.

  • nugget

    I was angry with the GB they have freedom to research, freedom to make decisions and freedom to shape belief. No other jws have this freedom. I accept that whilst my mother is partly in thrall to the cult and therefore is influenced by it she also has freedom of choice. She can chose to follow blindly or take the trouble to test what she is learning. I am disappointed that she trusted souly to her emotional response and road to Damascus moment and did not do the research before sucking us all in.

    I am more disappointed with my sister for her choices and her harsh unloving spirit. I know if our roles had been reversed I would have behaved differently. I would have reassured her I loved her and would be there if she wanted to reach out. My sister was judgemental, unloving and cold. She chose to be that way and has diminished responsibility for that choice. I still love her and forgive her and would put this behind me in a heartbeat if she contacted me.

    I am cross with myself for not listening more closely to my inner voice sooner. I had choices too.

  • Kool Jo
    Kool Jo

    I'd have to say that I'm bitter over the fact that a few old men at headquarters can be so involved in persons personal affairs...such as going to college among other things....dictating everything you do with your life...the watchtower study this past sunday almost made me puke...

    My mum came in the truth before my dad...the lady who indoctrinated my mum was so darn persistent, it's unbeleivable...my family would've been perfect if not for the WTBS.

  • apostatethunder

    I have forgiven myself, I was still a minor when I got baptized and I sincerely wanted to know the Bible and serve God the right way. I didn’t know what I was getting into like nobody does. I am angry with whoever runs this cult and whoever has taken advantage of my good faith during the years I was dumb enough to stay in. Them, I don’t forgive.

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