Who or what are you most angry at, when it comes to your situation in relation to JW Org?

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  • LongHairGal


    I am most angry at myself for not listening to my gut in the early years when I had my first rude awakenings. I should have headed for the door.

    I was still in the love-bombed stage and people were friendly to me back then and inviting me everywhere. All this friendliness and people saying not to pay attention to people's imperfection was what made me hang around - ever optimistic that it would get better. Too bad the internet wasn't around back then. I would have extricated myself from this trap sooner than I did.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    I'm angry with myself. I had numerous chances to escape but didn't. I had a co-worker back when I was 20 or 21 years old give me one of Randy's tracts, I think it was "what happened at Bethel in 1980" or something like that. Instead of reading it, I dismissed it immediately. I could have researched, instead I blindly went along with the religion of my family.

    Yes, the GB lies on a regular basis, but I really hate the fact that I fell for it. I will never again believe anyone who claims to speak for God.

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    I was born and raised a witness in 1952.

    I am mad about the life and opportunities wasted.

    About not getting an education and a career.

    I am mad at my mother for raising me a witness. She apologized. I accepted it.

    But I am still filled with anger. I just keep it inside.

    I have taken anti-depressants off and on.

    Currently off, because they all have side effects.

    I am angry how people can be so sure about things and yet so wrong, in all matters from religion, politics, evolution, creation.

  • diamondiiz

    What I'm mad about is the fact the wts hides their past. Because of this JWs don't know their true history so they preach present version without telling others the whole truth about them. They prey on youth, elderly or those in their weakest moments by selling a faulty product where the "buyer" had no chance of reading the reviews back in the day when I was sucked in.

    Today the practice is exactly the same, but luckily for general public they have internet and sites like this one to see what wts is all about. While I was young and naive when I was sucked in, there may have been a different outcome had I known that they taught for over 50 years that Jesus returned in 1874 and all the calculations that dealt with Russell's theology. It may have been different if I knew about 1975 fiasco instead the whitewashed version that some jws jumped into their own conclusions about the end and wasn't wts' fault!

    WTS knows very well what they're doing and how they're deceiving people, regardless of which part they may actually believe. Actually I don't believe that today's GB believe their own shit as it stinks too much and there just is too much information for them to see that it's all BS! This is why they publish dishonest material with misquotes and selective passages from their old publications which shows that they know they are deceitful and shows that they know what they're doing. One can't be an editor of a serious newspaper and continue to allow continues misquotes or selective passages from their old publications to get to print without seeing what's going on. WTS is a cult, operates using deception and they know it! They hide behind the freedom of religion and get away with literal murder. WTS like many other criminal organizations can get away with it on technicality and now with large assets behind them, they have the upper hand in shifting laws in their favor.

    I would love to see top leadership including wts legal and financial teams send of to a place like Iran, western world just doesn't have justice system for scum like these.

  • Disillusioned Lost-Lamb
    Disillusioned Lost-Lamb

    I am the most angry about not receiving/getting the things needed that normal children/people did, like an education (college), real friends, social skills, proper view of sex (and the opposite sex), being able to make up my own mind and the freedom to make and learn from my own mistakes.

  • ammo

    Diamondiiz --- Thats about the size of it--- well said.

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    I'm angry that I didn't get the education which I could easily have had--I had the grades where I could have even had a scholarship. Perhaps I could forgive the Org for this as it was many years ago, but they haven't changed--at least not for long. My daughter-in-law could have been an RN but didn't because of the "wise" counsel of the elders. She now has a fairly decent job at our local hospital, but is in danger of losing it because she doesn't have a degree. We'll know by tomorrow.

  • Glander

    Diamond Diz and Dill. Lost lamb. Both comments are valid and show a healthy attitude about the whole experience. You will survive. Praise the Lord!*

    *remember, I am an atheist.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I just had the conversation this evening with a friend who knows my new position. I said "I am past the denial and now "I'm just angry" about it all. She asked "angry at whom?" "The Organization for all the falsehoods or at yourself for being guillible?" Have to admit, that really got me to thinking. I think the answer is BOTH. I appreciated Flipper's comment:

    FLIPPER: If we're gonna be angry I feel it's best to be angry at the WT society leaders who manipulate and promote hate among Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Still I was pretty very gullible.


  • jemba

    This thread has some fantastic comments that really make me think.

    I guess its the higher ups, mostly the GB but also many elders that make me so angry.

    I am also angry with my parents who choose to be blind to so many things, but esp my father who is a very bright man who researches everything. He has lots of very old JW books and I believe he has also read the finished mystery. Hes a real history buff but his eyes werent opened? I believe out of everyone I know, my dad would have the greatest cognitive dissonance. But his whole life is in the cult, hes a PO has 3 kids and their families in, plus my mum who is a sheepish follower that believes anything shes told and is not the least bit book smart.

    Yet Im the 'stupid fool' that left?? wtf

    The whole STUPID CULT makes me sooo ANGRY!

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