Who or what are you most angry at, when it comes to your situation in relation to JW Org?

by BreathoftheIndianNose 29 Replies latest jw friends

  • BreathoftheIndianNose

    I've been receiving very bitter messages from JWs I know, mostly my mother, but also others that know how to contact me electronically. Sometimes I find myself mad at her, though not displaying it. But I know it's really not her or my fathers fault. So usually I'm angry at the GovBody, they must know its all a lie right? Right? What if they truly believe all of it? Than I can't be mad at them just like I can't be mad at my family. As a backup, I'm always willing to be angry at the human gullibility though. If it wasn't for that, there wouldn't be stupid idiotic cults, like jdubs, ruining people's lives.



  • designs

    In my family my mother wanted to become active as a JW after 30 years away. It was after her parents died who were both of the anointed so I get the emotional connection. But there my brother and I were in the path of that spiritual journey. Everything changed after that and I struggle with loving my mother's memory, she's passed on many years ago, and being angry that my youth and adult life was so drastically altered.

  • erbie

    Angry at myself for being hoodwinked I guess.

    I know they are a cult but I was young, ignorant and foolish to get involved and I blame myself for that.

    What doesn't break ya makes ya stronger though-and I feel like wrestling monsters!

    Since the day I left I've had a fire in my belly and it's never gone out ;)

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    I blame myself for being a dumbass. I really should have known better.

  • umadevi

    I went in willingly so I have no one else to blame for my situation. I should have done a thorough research on JW prior to joining. At the moment I am only grateful that I escaped the cult in just 6 years.

  • Indian Larry
    Indian Larry

    Myself and those in the org who know it is wrong but don't have the guts to stand up. Also mad because I know realize that none of my friends are unconditional friends. Even my wife said she would consider leaving if I get DF'd. SUCKS!

  • Ucantnome

    angry is the wrong word for me. disappointed is better.

    but it all depends on how you look at it.

  • GeneM

    Mostly the higher ups because you know they don't get the privilege of being naive on it all. They know it's BS. Do you really think they are all true believers? Not with all they've seen.

    I’m mad at mom a little too. It's a parent’s job to protect their kids from this kind of stuff.

  • blondie

    It's been ten years, my parents are dead, and the rest of family I wrote off while I was still a jw. Sexual abuse and alcoholic parents trumped any jw abuse I suffered. I sought help from professionals years ago and have put that behind me. I'm glad my parents can no longer hurt anyone. My mother knowingly let my father molest his children to protect herself. Trust has been a diffcult trait to develop after that kind of betrayal but my siblings and I have found the skills to determine who can be trusted.

    In the end it is a search for unconditional love, the kind that the human community assumes that your parents will provide. As children, failure to feel that from our parents, we are made to feel responsible in the WTS, if only we were better, obedient children. So don't beat yourself up trying to "earn" your parents love. And be assured you will find those who truly love, and you will learn to love yourself and forgive yourself.

    Love, Blondie

  • flipper

    INDIAN NOSE- If we're gonna be angry I feel it's best to be angry at the WT society leaders who manipulate and promote hate among Jehovah's Witnesses. Your JW parents, my JW parents and my siblings are all just mentally ill with being mind controlled. It's an actual social disorder, a psychological disorder really called " dissociative disorder " in which the individual JW's have no conscience or normal human empathy whatsoever. Their authentic personality has been stolen from them and replaced with a robotic cult , unemotional, unfeeling personality that only shows obedience to the WT cult leaders. That's why it's so frustrating dealing with them. It's like they are freaking hypnotized seriously.

    The thing I'm most personally angry about regarding the WT society ? Is how they have divided my family in making my two adult daughters think they can shun me now for 8 years and call themselves " Christian ". Also I'm angry that my 85 year old parents have wasted over 60 years of their lives in an organization that lies to them and that there will NEVER be an alleged " paradise " in which my parents will live " forever ". It's ridiculous and criminal how the WT society deceives these people. O.K. I'll exhale now. Whoo . Had to get that out, thanks for the thread. It helps us vent

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