Thank our friends at JW Talk for the Convention Release Scans

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  • nugget

    Fightening DVD for children. Listen and obey very cultish language. Conditional friendship with God is a very bad lesson to teach children.

  • Lore

    I opened this thinking. Oh cool, I'll get to see what's being released before everyone else does again.

    Then I see what looks like a Jimmy Neutron rip-off styled cartoon. And immediately thought. "Hah hah, very funny. Like that's what was really released this year"

    It took me until around the 6th post here to realise it was dead serious. . . I'm still a bit dubious. Is that REALLY what's been released this year?

    Not a new reasoning book updated for all the new light? Not a verse by verse study of the book of psalms or something?

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Is this for real? I honestly thought the DVD was a wind-up. LISTEN OBEY BE BLESSED. I thought someone had produced a spoof. How creepy is that? I wouldn't expose any young mind to that crap.

    I can imagine it being full of sunbliminal messages and hipnotic suggestions.

  • TimeBandit

    All of it is aimed at CONTROLLING people. Fucking cult.

  • puffthedragon
  • puffthedragon

    Walk by Faith DVD

    dvd front

  • puffthedragon

    DVD back

    faith dvd back

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Thanks for posting this Puff.

    A couple of years ago I went to a talk by a brother who had just returned from a visit to Patterson. He told us they had a very large mock up of Jerusalem there and were currently filming. No doubt this is the result.



    PUKE! "Will they OBEY Jesus and walk away from all that is familiar to them?" Translation~will they forsake their family and friends for US? "If they do, will they be tempted to return? Thier decision WILL mean life or death". In other words, once we own your ass, there is no turning back, lest you lose EVERYTHING. "The violence is not glorified but depicts the REALITY...". So, if you leave the WTBTS/GB you will for certainty DIE!

    GAAH! Sooo freaking glad I'm gone. If Jah feels the need to destroy me, so be it. At least I'm not living a LIE and killing people in the process... FUCKING MANIPULATING BASTARDS!

  • blindnomore

    AK MCGRATH, If Jah feels the need to destroy me, so be it.

    You need to get rid of that lie for good. The very scarey tactic the WTS implants to JWs brains. The WTS is heartless evil slave who exploit Jah's sheep and scrificing sheep to their god, the GB. If anyone who will be destroy at big 'A" it's the GB and their evil elders who's creer is beating Jah's sheep. I bet they don't sleep at night in dread of big 'A'. They know what and who they are in deep down their heart.

    "Will they obey Jesus and walk away from all that..." What hypocrite! They actually use Jesus name! I have not heard the name Jesus or his gospel at the KH in months. They blasphemously replaced Jesus with the GB and BOE. All they talk about at the KH are 'listening to GB' 'listen and obey elders' counsel' blah blah.

    I had my ears wide opened during recent CO visiting and took a note every words of his talks. Never had I hear him mentioning Jesus and his message of love entire time. The only time CO mentioned Jesus name was when he was relating Jesus' illustration on a widow who dropped 2 coins which all she had and Mary who greased Jesus feet with the oil that worth yearly wage. In targetting Rank & File, especially older naive JWs's retirement, bank accounts, 401k, Deed, etc. Yes, The WTS is Con Artist and heartless theif as well!

    This orgarnization has nothing to do with God or Jesus or even Bible. They are destructive cult who worship men and beating their own followers to death. Selling God, Jesus, Bible, Apostles, Armageddon, Jerusalem, Abraham, etc, whenever the GB saw them fit into their agenda or excusing their past, their lie...

    Oh! Do you know what CO said about BOE? He said, "What happened when BOE ask you to do something doesn't make any sense? You obey their direction anyway. As did Noah's family to his direction" (Here you go again! The GB sold 'Noah' to justfy their crazy coolaid propaganda.)

    Shouldn't it be 'Jesus' or "Jehovah' instead of "BOE' who R&F supposdly listen and obey to? Besides, Jah and Jesus would never ask anything that doesn't make any sense but destrutive cult leaders would!

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