Love of video games = love of violence? August 2012 Awake!

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  • FadeToGrey

    Glad I don't belong to that crap anymore, cuz I ain't givin up my ATARI for NO ONE!!

  • WTWizard

    You play a video game, even a violent one, you are playing a fantasy. You know it's fiction, and do not expect that in real life. Use of drugs in a video game has a purpose in the game, and is not realistic (in the game, it never has side effects that could ruin your brain or liver). You can shoot all you feel like, and no harm is done when the game is done or the plug is pulled.

    However, reading the Washtowel account, "Any day now, Jehovah is going to unleash his fury on the earth". This is violence beyond any video game--portrayed as reality. Along with it comes the threat that, unless you give up all fun and human nature, you will also be victimized. Children are threatened with Washtowel violence--unlike video game violence. And the LIE-ble is full of violence beyond any video game, again portrayed as future reality. Blood up to 1 1/2 meters on the whole planet, hailstones the weight of a talent (about 45 kg), fire and brimstone, and the like portrayed with the threat that, if you enjoy life, you are going to be destroyed.

    Along with this, you read plenty of accounts of violence portrayed in the Old Testament of the LIE-ble. And more than isolated murders. What about Tyrant David? He slaughtered "tens of thousands" of people for merely not worshiping his god! And the LIE-ble praises that scumbag for those murders! Joshua is another person that walked into a land that didn't belong to him, slaughtered everyone therein, and took their property (destroying everything of value). Where is Joshua denigraded for this wanton violence? And what about the one filthy angel that slaughtered 185,000 innocent people?

    Fraud is also praised in the LIE-ble. The lead example is Jacob. Just about everything that scumbag did involved swindling people out of things. He swindled his twin brother by lending him a bowl of soup for his birthright (Esau was the hard worker of the two). He swindled Egypt with his lie about his wife. The more you read about Jacob, you realize that he was nothing more than a scam artist (a master scam artist, at that). That bum never worked a day in his life, yet he swindled everything. Yet, the LIE-ble PRAISES Jacob? What about hard-working Esau, who needed that food because he was trying to provide for the family? What if Esau would have been slaughtered at birth for his "wickedness" of working hard? I bet Jacob wouldn't have been able to survive without Esau--yet the LIE-ble praises Jacob and denigrades Esau!

    Now, what video game do you know of that teaches people that it is great to swindle others of their property?

  • cheerios

    typical window-washing philosophy for the mentally-challenged.

    what has always amazed me about thier idiot reasoning is that no one ever has a choice. satan is SOOO strong that IF you do this ONCE he will control you. fear mongering watchtowliban ...

    uh i call bull#!"ยค!

  • mP

    llove of bible stories, = genocide, rape and war. remember the bible often says jehovah of armies but never jehovah the benefactor.

  • NewChapter

    Penn and Teller had an episode where they looked into the video game breeds violence thingy. I don't consider them a neutral source, so we can't just accept everything they say, however it was an interesting show.

    This little boy loved violent video games. He was a little monster while he played. He liked the shooting games. but he had never handled a gun. So they took him to a shooting range. He seemed to be into it at first and just observed the shooting. When it came time for him to shoot the gun, he started to cry. He wanted nothing to do with it.

    I heard about other studies regarding gaming. They are showing that when a person who games shows things like bravery in the game, they also show more bravery in real life. I suppose that could work the other way, like if you are a gaming thief or disloyal. They didn't say.


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    so how does pong lead to violence?

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    woohoo how about Frogger to stir up the killer in us?

  • mP

    Well lets assume that King David had the Bible stories read to him, after all Moses did write the first 5 books. Given King David was a homocidal maniac, can we conclude that he copied his heroes in the Bible stories ?

  • Azazel

    Suprised by the article? NO

    why would they encourage any activity they cant control?

    I absolutely love Diablo 3 and im a level 21 Demon Hunter Azazel#6674 for any fellow players we can meetup on line and kick Belials butt.


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