So you think you were a True Witness?

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  • jamiebowers

    First, welcome to JWN. Second, after reading SD-7's posts on this thread, go back and read some of his earliest posts. He's come so far in very little time. You can do the same. You may be able to find other ex-jws in your area by checking Between associating with other ex-jws, reading a few of the reccommended books, and getting some therapy, (either privately or with AA), you're going to be fine.

    Also, welcome to DF'd3!

  • outsmartthesystem

    That's awful. It is amazing to me how many JW families function that way. Do the parents really think that God wants/expects little children to be treated like that? If so......does that really make ANYONE WANT to live forever?

  • DFd3

    SD-7, AMAZING advice! When I saw how young you are, I found it even MORE amazing! You are so WAY beyond your years. You hit the nail right on the head. Those of us who have been raised JWs, have an especially difficult time dealing with all the mental damage, guilt, and depression. I had to go the therapy route myself and even that wasn't enough to overcome all the residual pain and feelings of lose. It's a lot of work, but once you accept the fact that you are still worthy of love and have learned to love who YOU are, it gets so much easier to move forward. Stay strong, my friend.

  • DFd3

    TY Jamie Bowers!

  • jamiebowers
    TY Jamie Bowers!

    You're welcome, DF'd3. I hope you benefit from your time here. And you're right about SD-7. He and I have had marathon phone and email conversations, and I couldn't love him any more if he was my own son. He's come so far so quickly!

  • NewChapter

    Faithful Brother--you have reached out! Is that because you are ready for it to get better? Because it certainly can, although it may not seem that way right now. Keep reaching out. If alcohol is a problem (and it sounds like it is) get some support in your community. You will also make friends that way. Can you get some counseling? With the level of religious abuse you lived with, I would think that would be an excellent idea.

    Are you ready for a change? Because I believe you are totally capable. Because you are reaching out. I'm so sorry about the impending doom---that can be exhausting and definitely make one feel like drinking. I was inactive for 2 years, but still captive to the concept. That impending doom was a constant factor in my life. I remember that drinking relieved it---although I never became addicted I certainly drank too much. But when I finally freed myself of the cult, and the impending doom let up, I felt so much better.

    Keep reading. It will help with that nagging sensation. Keep posting. It will help you stay connected. And reach out in real life---you need friends and support. You may be surprised at how wonderful 'worldly' people can really be when you are in need. Take your time, and choose worthy associates.

    It can get better starting now.


  • Haulin Oats
    Haulin Oats

    Take a look at the people who responded to your thread thus-far. You are in company with people who have been in almost the same boat you're in. Imagine if you'd walked up to someone in a religion we are all familiar with and told your story....Would you get the same advice/encouragement? You've made alot of positive advance in your life by leaving the religion, and for that you should celebrate (only a little though). Life gives you what you put into it. I guarantee you the real-world will reward you more than you can imagine, but you have to focus your energy on making it a better place. Every one of us here wasted a part or most of our lives in this stupid scam....move on and let it go. Go out there and get distracted! Build a race-car, coach a local sports team, volunteer for something you care about, get involved with local politics. The sky is the limit dude.

    Last parting thought: Use alcohol to reward yourself, not hide from yourself.

  • Honesty

    Faithful Brother,

    Why do you want to give the JW's satisfaction?

    You know the bastards eat it up when they hear about someone who leaves their version

    of Christianity and plunges into despair and alcoholism.

    Don't give them any satisfaction.

    I was in the same place you are in now about 7 years ago when I rejected the faithless and diseased slave and told the society

    to go fornicate with themselves.

    Get some professional help before you self destruct.

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