Q: How DID Noah get all those animals into the Ark?

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  • mythreesons

    SBC - you're right that pic by Falcon is ....AWWWESSSOME!

    I never understood it either...I even discussed this with a couple of elders. They by the end of the discussion were siding with a fast 'evolution' wow. 1 animal of the main species, the boughs of the tree if you will. Then came all the branches from the one. Kind of how all races of humanity came from Noah. He was kind of like a calico man I guess.

  • seawolf

    Lots of KY lubricating jelly. Vasoline just wasn't getting this job done packing all them animals in....

  • Quentin

    No Unicorns, silly things played in the rain.....

  • notjustyet

    Hey guys, you are derailing this thread, are you going to take my joke serious or not?

    "there is no F in Way!!"


  • the-illuminator81

    So from 2400 BC to let's say 1500 AD, the few hundred of species fitted in the ark boomed to millions of species now that's really fast evolution yes.

    Then let's say from around 1500 AD we began to reliabiliy categorize the species and in that timeframe until 2012 AD evolution has slowed down incredibly, more like the speed which you would expect if life had billions of years to evolve instead of only 4000 years.

    Sounds like reasonable theory.

  • sizemik

    seawolf's sexy post is the highlight of this thread.

    It matches her avatar and flag.

  • Joey Jo-Jo
    Joey Jo-Jo

    You people clearly can't think things through, you see God gave Noah a shrinking mechanism, Noah simply shrinked all the animals so they would fit in the ark, the only problem was god didn't like dinosaurs so He told Noah that the shrinking mechanism didn't work on dinosaurs :).

    Everyone outside the ark died, and everyone inside didn't and they all lived happy ever after, the end.

    But wait there’s more, an evil aboriginal pirate at the time stole some species and took them to a big island that we now call Australia.

  • wasblind

    Yes Blondie,

    you have given me another thought, which lead me to agree wit you

    here's the thought : where did all the birds go to roost, while the trees

    were under water ???? how could Noah and his family walk around on deck

    wit every bird in the world on board???? That would be suffocating

  • notjustyet

    1. I think Seawolfs avatar is Kim from the 24 Series, right?

    2. Jack Bowers daughter.

    3. So Sizemilk, I would watch what I say about Seawolf. ( see line 2)


  • DagothUr

    Noah's story is a bullshitty myth.

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