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  • NewChapter

    I try to make sure I am not sensationalizing things. In other words, I see trends within the org, but are they really new trends, or am I just awake to them?

    I agree with James (it happens). When I was first introduced to the org, I felt like I was living by principals for the most part. There was a lot leeway for personal decision. As time went on, more rules were added. I just went along, like a frog slowly being brought to boil. I became increasingly unhappy and unfillfilled with my spiritual life. The longer I was in, the more tired I felt. The treadmill thingy.

    Anyway, one day I looked up, and had an epiphany, which I said outloud and was answered with disappointed frowns. I felt like I was doing nothing but following a bunch of rules. It didnt' feel free. It didn't bring happiness. I was operating on guilt and obliglation---with no reward.

    Then I come here and try to observe the trend. I think there was a major shift when they created the koolaid edtion of the WT. Their language has become more aggressive and demanding. Members probably love this, as it is a special edition, and they are included in this exclusive study. They probably think it is an honor to get the information unedited. They are getting the straight 'truth'.

    So often I remember when language would become aggressive, and sisters saying, "The brothers aren't playing around anymore. They aren't leaving any room for people not to take this seriously! The end must be close."

    The WT could pretty much take them anywhere they like now. They have created the 'in' crowd, who have been acclimated to more and more control. The building sense of urgency and exclusivity makes them pliable.

    I remember a time when most of the witnesses I knew were much kinder to nonwitnesses. They watched how they spoke when referring to 'worldly' people They at least tried to create a pretense of love and nonjudgement. Those days are gone. It is us and them, and the wall is growing thicker.

    Martyrs are good for the cause. If they can die, so can you. We will celebrate you and you will be rewarded.


  • Finkelstein

    When you retrospectively look at the WTS. past doctrines, particularly on the last days and the return of Christ, you'll come to

    realize that the WTS. got its power and money by out right lying not only from doctrines pulled out of the bible

    but by self identifying their organization the only true religious organization being guided by god.

    The organization as its known has killed many people by pretentiously supporting this proposition.

  • mouthy

    Mary this is not a new teaching. When my hubby used to beat me to stop being a JW,I told the elders about it,showed my black eye to them.
    one said " Grace if you died protecting the Truth,it is an honor to Jehovah"
    But remember they kicked me out after he died. Because I missed the invisable Jesus in 1914...

  • aquagirl

    It is a stickly slimy cult,and unless someone has a real sense of themselves and reality,they might slip in..I got my mom OUT after like 64 yearsNow she is a happy heathen like me!SO,it CAN be done!!!!!

  • aquagirl

    This might sound awful,but Id be pretty psyched if there WAS a Jamestown-like incident..Oops,did I say that out loud????My bad...

  • sjac
  • wasblind

    Granny you just gave another example of bein' harmed needlessly

    the stance a person stood for yesterday, changed today

    you were beat becuase you stood for the WTS, then they dropped you

    The WTS is standin' on shiftin' sand, it is not rock solid truth

    but we at JWN know that

  • wasblind

    Hello there Aquagirl,

    If you add up all the needless deaths, Jonestown has probably happen

    in terms of lives lost. Just not all at once

  • mouthy

    Yes wasblind....I think MORE has died because of the WT than Waco & Jonestown put together.
    lack of blood transfusions, suicides, all over the world not just one place.

  • stillstuckcruz

    I have been here about seven years - and I can honestly tell you that I have noticed a distinct move toward a total control style of rule.

    ^Haven't been out but that is a definite change I have noticed. The articles are becoming more and more blunt. It keeps them in and away from "outside" influences. One would thing Rutherford came back to life and is back and running the Society....

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