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  • av8orntexas

    This sounds like the JW version of the Staples commercial.

    Got problems ?? Theres an easy button for that !

    Working 60 hours a week ? Cost of living going up ? Is your pay flat ? Food more expensive and family hungry ?

    No worries....put their butt on the ramen noodle diet ! They eat too much anyways.

    Tell your boss you don't need the extra money. You're spritually rich ! Jehovah will pay your mortagage the rest of the year,property taxes,put gas in your car and he will drop food prices too.

    My mom sadly has fallen into this type of thinking.

    In issues small or great,relaaaaax. Jehovah got dis'.

    I know 3 JW's at work right now who used to pay more attention to the extra hours I worked more than minding their own business.

    One brother always moaning to me about not being able to make his hours. This after giving away his Saturday and Sunday to go in service and meeting every weekend.

    Brilliant !!!

  • av8orntexas

    Relax people.

    Jehovah GOT DIS' !

  • NewChapter

    So Jehovah's will changes? Is this nooo lite?

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Yea! I get to sit here and do nothing about my lot in life except shit myself. If there was ever a call, to develop the most uneducated, unmotivated people in the world, this would be it. Perhaps the phone calls were piling up and they had to get ahead of the crunch. Nothing like living during one of the most economic times in modern history, which doesn't appear to be ending anytime soon, and you're told to put up, and shut up.

    Jehovahs sees what u need and u don't need anything. We do. Keep those donations coming and sign over everything at death. Don't take care of your own household, that's God's job. Ingrates!

  • okage

    I'm a little struck by the comment that Jehovah is allowed to change His will. See, the Scriptures are His word (allegedly) and are decorated as the truth (especially by the WTS), so to change His will and not have it put into new scripture, wouldn't that make the current Scripture a lie?

    The Society has spent aimless years in the effort to downplay the omnipotence of Jehovah by listing off the things He cannot do. Among them, He is "incapable of lying" (quotes cuz it's their words, not mine). So if He is George Washington and cannot lie, how can He allow the current Scripture to remain the same?

    They would need some sort of alteration to the Word, like a REVISION of some sort. And we can't let the masses work with an outdated "God's Word," so I hope the Scripture gets revised pretty soon, like in this year. I sure hope the WTS with their blessed holy anointment (how can you not trust a word that has Ointment in it?) will come up with something.

    Yes, this is a crack at that 2012 Revised New World Toiletpaper that's being worked on. It'd make sense they'd say His will can change if they want people to buy into whatever changes they make to the Bible.

    Mind you, I'm looking at an article from the's homepage about the reality of the flood:

    5th Paragraph down reads:
    "The apostle Paul wrote that God’s will is that 'all sorts of men should be saved and come to an accurate knowledge of truth.'"

    So I guess this means some pretty bad stuff for followers of Jehovah if He's decided to change His will.

  • Sunflower Samurai
    Sunflower Samurai

    "No I did not use their Wifi service, Iphones, we pay through our teeth ($100 a month) to have access."

    The illustration of "Shoplifting From Jehovah" is trying to help our brotherhood throw off all the pain and suffering, coming to us through bad deeds from within our brotherhood. When we worry about "what bad or wicked actions our brothers and this System has caused, we are stealing from Jehovah, he will solve all our problems in his due time! "Shoplifting Will Be Prosecuted By The Full Extent Of The Law!" Don't steal from Jehovah's congregation, again, he will solve all things in his due time, don't be impatient!

    The circuit paid for a speaker from Bethel, to upbuild our circuits, two days of his speaking engagement. We are to use our "We have freewill, but we must use it wisely! (endnote)

    Sister from North California had to leave her flourishing terrirtoy (Portuguese) to assit her ill and aged parent. This evoked no response from "The Cruella Corban Sisters, sitting all together, each has disowned their parents for the sake of appearing wholesome!

    Some strange notes on secular schooling and higher education, wasting time pursuing "useless things" in a world that is close to it's end. Would you buy a ticket for the Titanic, knowing what you do now? This world is at the end of it's voyage, don't be dumb and buy a cruise ticket heading to a giant iceberg.

    I have more notes, they will make you friends pretty damm mad, so should I post them?

  • blondie

    I remember being asked if we would get a job polishing the brass on the Titanic or would we get off.................that was pre-1975. Things never change.

  • Pistoff

    Just when I thought I had heard every mealy mouthed excuse for not turning in child molesters, along comes this:

    If you don't 'wait on Jehovah' to take care of things in his own time, you are stealing from him?


    Here is the truth, Bethel watchers and lurkers: WT policy still protects sexual predators; they still make the elders call NY first to see if they are forced to report an accusation, instead of just manning up and calling the cops.

    Don't tell me that God wants us to wait and wait and wait and wait till to just call the cops about it.

    If you utter one thing against official doctrine, you will be out by the next Thursday meeting.

    Why can't 'Jehovah' (the judicial committees) do the same to predators?

    Shoplifting from Jehovah. It gets funnier the more you think about it.

  • sd-7

    That was the last thing I expected to hear in association with 'not shoplifting from Jehovah'. You can't steal something from him that he hasn't claimed as his own to begin with. "Each one must carry his own load", anyone? This was the very point of James' words that "faith without works is dead"--he had just finished talking about how merely having faith won't help a brother in need; only action will do that. I thought the idea was that God just helps us carry what we cannot bear on our own, not things that we could do ourselves if we put forth the effort.

    I've heard some real whoppers at assemblies, to be sure. "You don't deserve a vacation! That's Satan's thinking!" Good point, circuit overseer. Would you mind paying for my haircut just as I paid for yours, by the way? How about a little gas money? No? Oh. Then I think I'll take that vacation.


  • sir82
    "You don't deserve a vacation! That's Satan's thinking!" Good point, circuit overseer.

    Circuit overseers take better & more frequent vacations than 95% of the US population and 99+% of JWs.

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