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  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    "New light, Jehovah is allowed to change his direction, change his will to maneauver his chariot, are we keeping agile,

    flexible when the Slave gives out new light, changes direction on long held dogma?

    This makes me think they know they are making it up as they go along and are not sincere but deluded old duffers

  • punkofnice

    Wow! Shop lifting from the J-man?

    Remind me if my house catches fire not to worry about it. I’ll just lay in bed and let the watchtower’s trademark god rescue me.

    After all, if I call the fire brigade who are all ‘worldly’™, I’m shoplifting from Jar Hoover.

    I’m sure Jar Hoover will rescue me just as sure as I am that ‘new light’™ replaces old lies from previous publications. Even if those old lies lead to the deaths of thousands of JWs that was just Jar Hoover’s way of steering his chariot. What a wonderful god. Truly infallible. ‘Changes not’™ and all that jazz!

  • tiki

    'on long held dogma?' - so they are admitting it is nothing more than "dogma"??? if that was the actual word used, interesting admission.

    parpharsing, do not rely on watchtower,awakes, and all societys resources, do you own studying, read the bible first, learn new material. this will free brothers from trivial questions and problems encounted by unlearned witnesses. do not expect everyone to read and study your material, get out and do it yourself! ? - are you freakin kidding????? your own studying - learn the bible - learn new material - they take that advice and their assembly halls will be empty - except for those who absolutely positively can't detach themselves from a group. AND "unlearned witnesses"??????? that has to be an oxymoron - with all due respect to the intelligent minds on this forum who were formerly inveigled in this religion - to say that from the platform is pretty damm insulting.

  • tiki

    cantleave - love the photo!!! i was very flexible in earlier days - but not to that extent!!

    magi - yup...totally agree with your observation.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    Follow that chariot as it careens around corners and flys over a cliff.

    My imagination went wild for a moment with the idea of changing long held doctrines. I imagined a big build up everyone buzzin about new light and the talk starts slow with obedience being stresses and then finally the new light "we really aren't in the last days" or "there not going to be a paradise earth" the shocked silence no applause everyone quietly walking back to their cars.

  • La Falta Habitacion Por Sr Hor-Hey!!
    La Falta Habitacion Por Sr Hor-Hey!!

    This actually gave me a reason to look forward to the convention now LOL. I'm sitting here at my desk cracking up over this shoplifting illustration. I HAVE TO HEAR THIS FOR MYSELF!!!!! Classic!!!!!!!!!! Gotta take a page from Sweetbabycheezits...............

    friggin shoplifters.

  • LongHairGal


    You are absolutely right! We were gypped out of our precious time and like sand in an hourglass it ran through our hands never to be gotten back. This is the hardest thing to get over as far as I am converned.

    So, it is "Jehovah's job to fix family problems, congregational problems and employment problems"??? Isn't this a bit of a stretch??? Jehovah (if he does anything) is only interested in the big worldly picture as far as I am concerned. It is a terrible lie, that compounds all the other problems, to tell gullible people that the invisible sky daddy is going to intervene in their most mundane, everyday things. I NEVER believed this even when I was active in the religion. I knew I had to help myself and we all have heard the old saying: "God helps those who help themselves". This religion would turn the most capable person into an incompetent moron.

    I am glad I wasn't sitting there listening to this garbage and anybody who still has any functioning brain cells, well...their brain must surely hurt.

  • Finkelstein

    Quite the ironic thing for the WTS. to say since the WTS. has been stealing from Jehovah and exploiting his word for power

    and money for over a 100 years . Pot calling the kettle black

  • WTWizard

    It is Jehovah's job to solve personal problems. Now, what if he refuses to do his damn job, yet bashes us when we try to prevent disaster by doing it for him? I believe it could mean he wants us to fail--and will wait until after it's too late before laughing at you when you do.

    Also, what does Jehovah think he is doing when he expects us to take time away from doing necessary things for him while he bosses us around? As for me, I think I would rather serve Father Satan--at least He doesn't expect me to quit my job, throw everything away, and pious-sneer.

  • wasblind

    Hey can't leave

    that pick you posted wit that woman all twisted

    that's what the WTS call an " ADJUSTMENT "

    " Increased knowlegde often requires adjustments in one's thinking. Jehovah's Witnesses are willing to humbley to make such adjustments"______Reasoning from the scriptures book page 205

    that's right, twist your thinkin' just like the woman in the pic you posted

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