The best and worst Travelling Overseers in the UK

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  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Keith Gaydon. Nominated for worst not best category.

  • cedars

    Mickey - tell me more! He's the CO I would have had if I'd stuck around in the UK longer. What did I miss?


  • usualusername

    Keith Gaydon


    There is a story about the might Keith Gaydon somewhere on here.

    Has s rep for being insensitive. Makes jokes that are not funny and then laughs. At one of his schools he acquired the nickname "Turkey Neck"

    He married a much much younger woman. Kept him smiling.......

    He also had an odd way to claim for expenses for each circuit visit.

    Any news on Errol Flynn?

  • thaisun

    Ah, Armageddon Ernie. Drove a wonderful old car with a pre-selector gearbox. I was very impressed back then! (Early '50s)

    He was famous for saying "Armageddon is just round the corner." One fellow living on the end of a street, looked out of the door to see!

  • thaisun

    Then there was Artie Hopley and his wife (Rene I think)

    He allegedly became famouse for enjoying a brew: "Ah, tea!"

  • Lozhasleft

    Edward Mullinex anyone? Looked like Mr Bean? And the South Wales family man can't remember his name ? Ray & Cherry were a nightmare!

    Loz x

  • sinedie

    What did you think of William Heath?

  • BroMac

    Bev Gibbons = boring old fart, leaned on the lectern like he was time trialing, settled in York I believe.

    Jim Cleary? = arsehole, couldn't just stand behind the lectern, oh no, had to be at the side of it.

    Justin Shaw = what a Legend, all CO's should be like him, actually felt like he had time for you.

    Albert Storer = Think he is a DO, found him to be a very nice genuine guy. excellent speaker.

    Keith Gaydon = Strange man, old school.

    Michael Purbrick = Many were glad to see the back of him, but I liked him! last talk I heard him give he mentioned he was in a second hand bookshop and he came across a book by a former Governing Body member, he said: "perhaps you know the one i mean", and he was nearly going to open it, but he didn't let curiosity get the better of him. I bet he had a peek! I believe he is currently instructing at the Elders school.

    George Hilton = Funny man. Very likeable.

    Brent Smith = Awesome speaker. not heard many like him. I dont think he has very good health these days.

    there is more but I cant remember.

    All Time Fave: Paul Whiteman = From Jersey I believe originally. Only CO I have 'clicked' with, great sense of humour. Really lovely wife Collette. The only CO's wife who I remember. They made a lovely couple.

  • cantleave

    Edward Mullinex anyone?

    He was OK - quite a good speaker I recall.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Anyone know of Philip Rose and his wife Lorraine? From the Isle of Wight apparently.

    I haven't met him yet but he is to replace David Rastell.


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