If you were a Witness, when did you realize the Governing Body was apostate?

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  • Bobcat

    leaving_quietly said: "1) willful non-support, 2) spiritual endangerment, and 3) extreme physical abuse."

    Here is one of the things that gulled me about this: The list of 3 you cite came from the Nov 1, 1988 WT p.22 pars.9-12.

    Here is a partial quote: (Par.9) "What may be the grounds for such a step? (i.e. seperation)" (Par.10) "Willful nonsupport is one basis for separation." (Par.11) "Extreme physical abuse is another basis for separation." (Par.12) "Absolute endangerment of spirituality also provides a basis for separation."

    Now here is how they put it in the book Keep Yourselves in God's Love (published 2008): (p.220, par.2) "Consider here a few exceptional situations that some have viewed as a basis for separation." The book then lists 3 things: "Willful Nonsupport," "Extreme physical abuse," and "Absolute endangerment of spiritual life."

    That is just amazing that "some have viewed" the exact same things that the 1988 WT said. What are the chances of that? I wonder what would happen if a publisher came up with some other reason for seperating? Saying; 'Well, here's something I view as a reason ...'

  • irondork

    Probably fodder for a different thread, but... why "extreme" physical abuse? Why not just physical abuse?

  • mrquik

    These guys all deserve the same fate as the Pharisees. Hypocritical, arrogant, self-centered bastards.

  • shopaholic

    Realized something was wrong when I was a kid b ut didn't wake-up until I was very much an adult. The signs were all over the place but I held on to the thought that tomorrow could be "it" and made it through to the next day. But eventually, that wasn't enough. One morning, I awakened and quickly sat up in bed and knew it was all a lie.

    Things have never been the same.

  • wasblind

    My real AH-HA moment became the OH HELL NO moment

    when it cam time for my daughter to make plans for college

    and they tried to discourage us from makin' that decision

    talkin' bout " The Last Days"

    It just didn't seem right for the elders to promote a WTS

    mindset, and yet allowin' their own children to attend college


    their own actions show that they don't even believe the mess they peddle

    The Elders were actin' just like "MOTHER " denyin' us somethin' they themselves take advantage of

  • tornapart

    Before I read CoC I believed that although there were things I couldn't agree with, I still believed they were being used by God. 3 days later after having read CoC I no longer did.

  • jookbeard

    The Ray Franz and Ed Dunlop expulsions and the covering up of the homosexuality of GB members Chitty and Greenleas for decades, and the questionable sexuality of Mad Freddy and Knorr.

  • FWFranz

    When it became obvious that they had appointed themselves. After reading COC I did an intense amount of research about the begining of the Watchtower Society. I researched not only Russell's contributions, but those of his close associates, John H. Paton and Nelson Barbour. The single thing that disqualified the WTS and identified them as frauds was their claim to be God's only prophet on earth. What genuine prophet of God would have a 100% failure rate for every prediction they ever made for over a century? Yes, they are a prophet, but unfortunately for them, they are the very ones that Jesus warned us of. Deut 18.


  • Fernando

    I let an amazing list of things slide on the basis that these were God's visible representatives on earth. As a third generation born-in I had become badly addicted to the supremacist Watchtower religion and cult without knowing or understanding this.

    At the end of 2005 I was introduced to elements of the "good news" I'd never been told were part of the "good news".

    This was the beginning of the end.

    The realisation finally hit me like a ton of bricks during a witch hunt star chamber session with three Pharisees who felt very threatened by my interest in the unabridged "good news". It hit me like a bolt out of heaven when they each in turn denied IMPUTED righteousness, a key ingredient of the unabridged "good news" which is the exact opposite of religious self-righteousness or works-righteousness. I knew instantly they were willfully blind, illegitimate, beyond help in their current state, and hopelessly apostate.

    The Pharisees' contempt for Jesus' death, and for salvation, as (key) parts of the "good news" (according to Paul, and their own Watchtower library) was another dead give away.

    Exactly as in scripture the Pharisees publicly forbade us from talking about the "good news" and publicly (albeit indirectly) threatened us with being expelled from the synagogue if we did.

    The CO who represents the GB, visited soon after and was clearly in the same camp and in full agreement with these Pharisees (a virtual replay of Brooklyn Bethel 1980 although on a much smaller scale).

    We sent a recording of the local needs talk to various Bethel's worldwide but never heard back from any of them. Fearing legal action, a few months later they secretly did a massive back flip on their false "good news" in a Watchtower article which as usual was drowned out by busy-ness and noise so that few if any noticed anything at all.

  • John_Mann

    The oddness of the books of Daniel and Isaiah, I still remember the book study meetings (now extinct) with those books and I just couldn't buy all that stuff. Plus when my mother gone through an surgery and the elders were not concerned about blood issues and seems to be very busy to gives us some assistence, as a born-in I felt a very lack of love from the elders.

    Then, in the beggining of 2006 I did an independant research in the evil internet about the other religions views on who/what is the Babylon from the bible, andthem I was directed to a link about the WT views on wikipedia and there was a link to a man: Ray Franz. And the rest is history...

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