The BRAND is what sells JW's and the alternate lifestyle

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  • Fed-up

    TRUTH shouldn't need to be marketed.

    "THE TRUTH" is going through a "re-branding" right now, like hasn't ever been seen. The Bible carts and simplified magazines are just the tip of the iceberg. Incorporating the website and using it to share the replaced teaching regarding who the F&DS are is huge. Rebranding itself to try to be relevant is BIGGER.

    They are trying to sell (the concept) snake oil to a new generation. The difference is that the GB and all thier YES men are technology tourists at best...the geneartion they are trying to snag are technology natives. The ASL masturbation video is a perfect example. Those old men didn't have a clue anyone could do what they did with that video once it was on the interweb.

    It will be impossible to keep people from finding apostate information. The FIRST PLACE the new generation goes for their information is google or wikipedia or FB or twitter. They can warn and threat and beg all they want, but it won't matter. Didn't they learn from Blogs and Porn? They warned and threateded and begged and there are JW blogs all over the place and not one person who has not seen some form of porn on their computer. I was completely unaware of "chat rooms" until the CO warned us to stay out of them. HAHAHA. Thanks Terry T.!

    Like everything in JW land, they expect everyone to get on board immediately, if not sooner. To switch gears the instant the "cellestial chariot" does and smile the whole time. Give me a break. They are in over their heads. They all thought "the end" would have come by now too. The best part, the new GB was raised by the old GB and they are having a heck of a time reconciling the reality of the age we live in with the illusion they were raised to believe. Just like everyone else. Pulling new teachings out of their...who know's where "overlapping" came from, just to try to find a way to explain why THE END hasn't come.

    EVERY JW is trapped living what life is supposed to be, not the reality of what it is. They are definitely NOT the happiest people on earth. The picures in the magazines show the Ideal. The Publishers see the reality daily. The contrast is striking.

  • Apognophos

    I'm definitely one who, although a born-in, was attracted to the lifestyle more than anything. I liked being holier-than-thou and feeling different. It was also a good mask for my inherent social ineptitude -- I didn't have to make friends with worldlies and had built-in "friends" in the congregation!

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill


    The operative word here is "appear"!


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