Mentality of young CO

by Vidqun 32 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • EmptyInside

    I could have sworn there was a one page article in one of the magazines explaining about the U.N.,the library card excuse etc. It was in their own publications,or did I dream it?

    Around 2000?

  • Ding

    It is sad to see the blind faith so many put in the GB...

    ... and they consider it to be a tremendous virtue...

  • Nambo

    Whats the scripture about the end result of people who would rather belive a lie?

    It saddened me when a local friend and group leader bumped into me and I told him about the UN/NGO business and he said he refuses to belive it.

    If you still see the CO, regarding his wife, you might suggest she try Apricot kernals, and Marijuana oil, (Google them with reference to cancer), not for a minute though would I expect a practicing Dub to actualy question and go against Satans worlds medical and pharmaceutical industry and instead use the natural medicines God himself has provided.

    As for Lemmings, according to Snopes it is true that the lovely family orientated Walt Disney company, actually drove those Lemmings over a cliff to thier death in order to make a more exciting documentary.

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