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  • jamiebowers

    It simply astounds me that jws will brag about all of the freedom of religion court cases that the Watch Tower has won in the past, yet they believe that the very same organization wouldn't sue for liable over so called false information about joining the UN. Before my jw mom started shunning my inactive brother, she claimed that the child sex abuse claims in the news weren't true...that Satan was putting false information out there. What a bunch of sad fools!

  • Vidqun

    Thanks for all the input. Yes, I can see why some of you are sceptical, it seems incredible. Of course I have portrayed the discussion from my point of view, so a certain amount of bias would be present. Certainly with the help of JWN I have been able to work it out and assimilate it. It helps to know what's coming and where it's going.

    00Dad, he made me think of Hitler and the German people before and during World War II. I saw the documentary of the last days of Hitler in the bunker. He didn’t give a damn about his people. When his army was routed and their defences crumbling, he would still not surrender. He said something like: The German people must be punished for capitulating to the Allies and Russians. Even then the people around him adored him. One fanatic and his wife even poisoned their children and committed suicide, following Hitler to his grave. Misplaced loyalty or stupidity? You be the judge.

    Jamie, I agree. I have heard of the term cognitive dissonance, now I have seen it in action. But it is still a shock to the system. This man can see no wrong with the WTS. I told him I have personally spoken to people involved with sexual molestation cases in the Organization. Most of the victims and their families have been stumbled and will never listen to a JW again or put a foot in a KH. Notwithstanding this, they will be executed at Armageddon, according to JW theology. It just doesn’t make sense, especially in the light of Jesus words that it is the one causing the stumbling that is going to be severely punished.

  • Quandry

    If they say he goes over the cliff, he goes over the cliff.

    No wonder he is a CO. He is just the kind of person they want in the collective.

    At one time, I would have said something similar. Strange how the mind can work.

  • metatron

    Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Governing Body.


  • 00DAD

    Vidqun: It just doesn’t make sense, especially in the light of Jesus words that it is the one causing the stumbling that is going to be severely punished.

    That's the issue. JW Theology is completely illogical. It is also inconsistent, incoherent, un-scriptural, abusive, mean-spirited, controlling, chaotic, capricious, contradictory, discordant, conflicted, at odds with itself, erratic, incongruous, inconstant, irreconcilable, uncertain, unpredictable, confused, irrational, jumbled, incomprehensible, unreasonable, aberrant, disturbed, belittling, degrading, debasing demeaning and damaging.

    One thing it is not is True.

  • notjustyet

    Has anyone ever started out a meeting like this explaining the term Cognitive Dissonance?

    And then explain that you yourself , in the past, suffered form CG also and that is how humans put "questions" and doubts etc aside it is to lessen the dissonance.

    I would explain it and explain it away so that at least this will stick in their minds.

    I would state "When you lay down to go to sleep, I want you to think about the things in the past that you have had questions about and how you were able to easily dismiss them and to leave them alone, this was CG at work, read up on it" Or possibly there is some other way to implant a key element in their minds that may lead to them researching why they believe the way that they do.


  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    "he said that that explains his loyalty to the GB to a T. If they say he goes over the cliff, he goes over the cliff."

    That's when I break out the line, "Of course a CO will say that because he got the job by being a good, company man. They are paid well for their 'loyalty'--new leased cars, full insurance, expense accounts, the royal treatment when they visit congregations. If it wasn't for their unquestioning worship of the GB, they'd be unemployed shmucks."

    "The only positive suggestion by the CO is that I write to the Society and take the issue up with them."

    Yeah, I'd preface the letter with: "Our CO, Br. Loser, asked me to send you a letter asking why.... He also asked if I could inquire of an answer as to how Koalas got from Turkey to Australia, or did they evolve? ... He also wondered whether Jehovah created mosquitoes in all hundreds of species or if Noah only brought 2 mosquitoes on the ark, and the hundreds of species later evolved. You can send the answers to me and I can explain it to him. Otherwise, you might want to send the letter directly to him in order to put his doubts to rest."

  • Vidqun

    00Dad, that's what you get if a bunch of amateurs concoct a theology and chronology, a huge cock-up. Yes, that I was gullible to fall for it in the first place, does hurt. But I believe, where there is life, there is hope. I'll get over it in time.

    Notjustyet, don't think they will get any benefit from such big words. Don't think the words have been discussed in the publications, so then they won't count. To implant "a key element" in some minds you will need nothing less than a stick of dynamite. Don't see anything else getting through.

    Thanks Billy, I'll keep those points in mind when writing them a letter, a long letter, with many a footnote, endnote, and appendix. I'll dedicate the letter to the CO. He inspired me to write. Now that you mention it, I will insist on the lemurs committing suicide. Think about it, they will have to appoint a research team to find out about the lemurs in Madagascar jumping off a cliff. I'm not sure whether there are cliffs in Madagascar to jump off from. They might even publish their findings in the Awake!

  • kurtbethel

    From his answers four things stand out: 1) In connection with the lemurs, he said that that explains his loyalty to the GB to a T. If they say he goes over the cliff, he goes over the cliff.

    If they say he drinks Kool-aide, he drinks Kool-aide. That reasoning was at play in Jonestown.

    2) In connection with the UN-NGO debacle, the Guardian newspaper and the UN website, he retorted: "How easy it would be for Satan the Devil to put these insinuations in the newspaper and on the UN website. These are Satan's instruments."

    The Watchtower has a very aggressive legal department that would take action if an organization violated their copyrights or published libelous statements. Ask for the case numbers of the lawsuits against the UN and newspaper, and what jurisdiction they were filed in. If he does not answer that, you can call him on it that there were no libelous statements and that he has slandered Satan to cover his own lie of claiming he knows it is false when he does not know it to be false. He made up that bit about Satan and is himself untrustworthy.

    3) He also insisted that the GB can do no wrong. I touched on 1975, but he insisted it was not the GB, but the brothers that erred.

    Since when did the brothers publish the Watchtower and Awake? When were the brothers given permission to make up doctrine and sermons? The WT has claimed that "some of the brothers" thought 1975 would bring Armageddon. If so, that gives lie to their claim of the organization having unity and everyone believing the same thing. So which is it?

  • Phizzy

    This C.O sounds like perfect material for GB membership, I smell a promotion in the offing. He could be manipulated all day long by the puppet masters who actually run the WT, as are the present incumbents of the GB.

    Unless the GB tells him he really is a lemur (lemming?) first and he actually jumps off the cliff.

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