8/15/12 WT--Naughty Elder's Wife Teaches Students "The Deep Things of God"

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  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Thanks Billy
    Yes I have gotten counselling but it is still so hard for me to move on, I know part of it is my husband even though he is not an elder anymore still believes all the crap. I just do not understand how he can and I feel every time he goes out in service with the elders like he did today it is a slap in my face. These elders stood and let pedophiles hold and take care of children, and then when I threw a fit I was kicked out I feel.

    I love your posts on this Billy. I just wish they would address the real problem instead of Sarah getting all horny for the Bible study like she is some non thinking person who just needs to get some. I mean my God it just makes my blood boil every time I think of this WT. I am so angry.

    I wish they would have printed what I know must happen the GB knows it. I know they must get letters telling them that people have committed suicide.

    I wish they had written that 'Daniel came home and found Sarah had overdosed on a bottle of sleeping pills. She had left him a note telling him that she knew she was a burden to him and that his life would be so much better if she was gone. It was clear that Jehovah hated her. She felt all alone in the world. Daniel was so glad that Jehovah let that elders meeting run short that night, because usually they went on until 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning but this time elder long winded had been sick so they were able to leave at 12:00 otherwise Sarah would not have made it the ER doctor had told him.

    It was a true wake up call for Daniel that being there for his wife was more important then any elders meetings or any of the crap in the hall that he was unqualified to deal with anyway.

    Daniel stepped down as elder and now Daniel and Sarah are now getting marriage counselling and trying to rebuild their marriage.


  • Violia


    I have done things and truly believed Jehovah was watching over me. I had child like faith. I still believe in God and even though the wts has got it wrong, there are many sincere jws. I think the angels probably do watch over the folks at times , you know - Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I truly wish I could have that kind of faith as it seems to give my husband such great comfort, but I just cannot do it even though I truly wanted to.

    I have prayed and prayed and prayed and acted on my prayers by trying to be a better child, better wife, etc. By sitting in the car for hours and hours while my husband was in elders meetings and no one would give me ride home even though we lived on their way home all they would have to do was slow down and I would have jumped out. I have gotten on my knees and pleaded with Jehovah to please help me find peace in my life, to let my dad stop screaming and abusing me when I was a kid, etc. It seemed like he always told me NO!

    All I saw was the other pioneer couples having date nights together, getting new cloths and their hair and nails done, while I went to the Goodwill to get my cloths, shoped with coupons and drove our old car into the ground calling at homes where no one was home.

    I tried to rationalize it away telling myself that Jehovah would reword me in the new system for all I had to give up now.

    I felt that I had jumped off that cliff my husband spoke of many times it was just that I could not go without money. I just could not, not work when I was capable of working and accept food stamps and government aid when it was my choose to pioneer. We qualified for all the government aid but I would not take it. I still find it hard to believe that Jehovah wanted that but maybe he did maybe he wanted me to be on government aid.

    I am blown away when I run into one of the JW's now. Like three weeks ago I ran into a JW and this sister was telling me how many people were s getting some kind of Government help, many of them had filed bankruptcy. I mean these are elders. Where is Jehovah? I know of one elder who pioneered on credit cards till he maxed them all out and then when he could not make the payments he filed bankruptcy.

    Is that truly how Jehovah wants us to jump off the cliff? By screwing over others?

    In the middle of the child molester scandal that was going on in the hall I had called and spoken to Bethel many time. This totally pissed off the attorney elder that was in our hall. He was by the way just a tax attorney but everyone worships the ground he walks on because he has a college education and he is a little God being an attorney in their mists. I have found out that tax attorneys are not that intelligent.

    So this attorney elder flipped out that I call Bethel and spoke to an attorney there with my being just a women. I came home from work one day to hearing my husband on the phone telling this guy that I was his wife and he did not see anything wrong with my calling Bethel that was how I found out that the attorney was upset.

    So I come to find out that this attorney at Bethel told me all the elders are independent agents. Who knew? When I asked for clarification on what an independent agent was this attorney told me that all the elders had clear written direction on how to deal with pedophiles and Bethel was not involved.

    When I drilled this elder at Bethel about what if the child molester did indeed molest another child what would happen, he just kept repeating that the elders are independent agents, over an over and over and over.

    How many elders wife's know that. I sure as hell did't. My husband went along with the body because the body insisted that the pedophile be allowed to hold the children. He said he just could not fight the 9 other elders. When it all came out because of me not being submissive enough, the elders said they had made a mistake. If it had not been for me I truly believe in my heart that these child molesters would have been appointed as MS's and elders in the future.

    By the way I now clean for a couple of attorneys and they say that most attorneys try to throw their title around to scare people. That is exactly what the tax attorney elder in the hall does.

    The more I know the more I am just so confused and hurt.


  • sd-7

    After reading your stories, LITS, I now fully understand why 'Sarah' did what she did. People have feelings and needs and it's not fair for a woman to have an absentee husband because of this nonsense. I never had a very good sense of what that was like for an elder's wife. But even as a mere baptized publisher with no position in the congregation, I could see that elders have a lot of stuff to do, and much of it is like managing a small-to-mid-sized business. I knew they had no time for their families. That and judicial committees killed any motivation I had about becoming an elder. It seemed like a horrible existence.

    Thanks for sharing, and...I hope there's a way for you to find peace, LITS. Your story is surely one of many that should never have happened. So much the Watchtower Society has to answer for. So much human wreckage. We really do have to bring them down. The more people know, the less people will have to end up in this purgatory and face so much pain.


  • hoser


    We study this tomorrow

  • Simon Morley
    Simon Morley

    "Never think that your theocratic privileges are more important than your spouse,"

    I agree with this - one of the reasons I left - spend more time with my wife. We do a lot more fun things now than service, meetings, study, service, bibel studies, elder meetings, phone calls from emotional amoebas, service......


    Yeah...ironic. Jw life= Monday-work and personal study i.e read all magazines, Tues-work and prepare for family indoctrination night and KMS and TMS , Wed family indoctrination night, Thursday-Work and go to TMS and KMS, Friday-work and prepare for feild service Saturday. Saturday-no rest just field service till the afternoon ( be there or feel guilty ) that night study for Sunday. Sunday morning-no rest go to meeting and service afterward, then whatever else you may have to do. Monday-repeat for life.. Always do more,more MORE!!! If you can't you are not spiritual. I am shocked that info was included, they must be losing more and more to immorality.



  • wheres caleb?
    wheres caleb?

    Witnesses are socially dysfunctional. They are told to avoid the world, and many that take themselves seriously, judge their own fellow believers.

    Emotional affairs happen all the time. I know a few elders and their wives that are going to see this article as some sort of self-justification for their behavior.

    "It's ok that it happened to us because it happens all the time", says the elder who never had to answer for his indiscretions.

    Witness delusion allows them to remain hostages to their own lies.

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