8/15/12 WT--Naughty Elder's Wife Teaches Students "The Deep Things of God"

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  • sir82
    i wonder if wife was able to count this on her time slip

    How skillful was the Bible student? Could she count her time in "15 minute increments" or could she write down the "full hour"?

  • EmptyInside

    I'm just wondering where was Andre when this all happened?

  • sd-7

    Andre may evidently have walked in on the situation, concluded that what he saw was being taken out of context, and departed. "Perhaps," Andre later related, "they were practicing a scene for the drama. It is about true love this year, after all." Andre was strongly counseled for failing to notify the elders of what he saw.


  • dozy

    These newly baptized brothers needed considerable help.When Daniel was busy with his various theocratic assignments, Sarah often provided that help. Soon this pattern developed: Daniel’s former Bible students needed emotional support.

    Doesn't say a lot for the quality of new recruits to the "truth". They really are scraping the barrel these days. If you are unfortunate enough to go to a District Convention this summer , check out the baptismal candidates ( it won't take long - there won't be many. ) Apart from the JW children getting dunked who make up by far & away the majority , the few adults really are quite scary. Think of something between a cross between the Addam's Family and the cast of One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.

  • dozy

    Daniel was also "a never-say-no elder," as he puts it.

    It would seem that Sarah had a similar attitude...!

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    "These newly baptized brothers needed considerable help."

    Billy the Bible Student was taking a graduate course in physical therapy and needed to find someone overly-stressed that would qualify for a professional, therapeutic massage. Since Daniel was too busy, "Sarah often provided that help." Sarah figured it was the least she could do to help out this new Bible student who had given up his career as an underwear model in order to one day become a JW.


    Meanwhile, Daniel answers a call from the C.O. again...

  • mercedes_29

    This happened in my old congregation; elder worked and did WTBS duties, wife cheated with his study. She married the study she cheated with but they ended up getting divorced too. The study was husband number 3 or 4.

  • WTWizard

    Improper romantic relationship? In today's day and age, it is interesting that they are always picking on "straight" couples doing this. What about "improper" GAY romantic relationships? I wonder when I am going to start seeing the rags warning people of that.

    Besides, since when is a romantic relationship, gay or straight, improper? The whole LIE-ble is working against humanity, and was written to create emotional and mental illnesses. The actual abuse is when they stress so much on sex being dirty--that is the real act of child molestation. Then, once the children are conditioned to fear sex, some of them go ahead and rape them (often with the goal of ruining their lives). They don't say a peep about that kind of "romantic relationship" (which is usually more of a power play than true romance--hence it is genuinely improper).

    I think if they would quit worrying so much about fornication (gay or straight) and start worrying about the slavery, injustice, and the time they waste teaching rubbish that 99.8% of us are not involved in, and started teaching people how to actually use and develop their souls, they might start gaining back membership.

  • tiki

    hah - another example of ridiculous specious reasoning. the deadly trap was set way before sarah met tom, dick and harry. i assume it was dick she fell into the sack with, but nonetheless....the trap was set when daniel decided he wanted to be a big shot in the org. if he had never done that, if he hadn't had those studies (a pet peeve of mine...how is it that people become 'studies'...they lose their being and become a thing) - but, had daniel never gone out in service and met those dudes, and never studied with them, sarah most likely would never have known them, so she wouldn't have had her fling.

    but then, maybe she wasn't all that in love with daniel. maybe it was one of those marriages that kids too young rush into with someone they barely know, just to have legitimate sex - and later realize they were stuck with the entirely wrong person.

  • tiki

    billy the bethelite - good one, except you missed one major point. those male models typically prefer other males...as opposed to females...

    to the ladies, such a waste of exquisite human flesh.............

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