8/15/12 WT--Naughty Elder's Wife Teaches Students "The Deep Things of God"

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  • cedars


    OK, let's review. The whole point of MANY, MANY WT articles is the same: No matter what you do, it's wrong!

    This was my impression when reading it. On the one hand, they tell everyone to selflessly throw themselves into relentless kingdom activity, on the other hand they tell you not to neglect your spouse in case it leads to adultery. The writers completely disregard the amount of pressure that elders (and especially pioneer elders) are put under by their congregations.

    Is the Society going to start making allowances for missing the hour requirement due to conjugal issues? Hell no. You need to still get your ministry hours in, but at the same time give your wife the attention she needs. How exactly is that supposed to happen? Should pioneer couples be humping in the car between bible studies?

    Crazy stuff. You can't have the best of both worlds, but the Society obviously thinks differently.


  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Your point Cider is totally what happened to my husband and I loved Billy's post also.

    There were so many times when my husband would promise me the afternoon together and some sister would come up and demand that he come over to her house because of some problem she was having or we would be leaving the hall and some couple would come up and demand to talk to my husband, I was told to go wait in the car like I was some stupid child and my husband would go back into the hall for two or three hours our afternoon was shot.

    There was this one time it was an older anointed sister who was a true BITCH. She was so rude and crude and her words were so hateful. Well I had finally talked my husband into taking the day off this one Saturday so we could spend it together and I told her that he could come by the day after. She started screaming at me on the phone saying that he was an elder and HE WAS GOING TO COME BY HER HOME PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fact that we had things to do together was not important to her as he was the only elder and SHE NEEDED him. I told her he was my husband before he was an elder. She hung up saying I had better have him over the next day or I would pay for it.

    I turned all the ringers off on the phones and we finally had a day together as a couple but it was spoiled knowing that there would be hell to pay for what I had done. The next day was Sunday and at the meeting sister anointed BITCH was so angry with me but for some reason she never told my husband, and she never spoke to me again. I won but it was hollow victory.

    As far as the CO's all of them demanded and dumped on my husband as he was the only elder who would jump when the asked or I should say demanded him to. I have asked my husband why the CO's never spoke or were so rude to the other elder who did NOTHING. My husband said he truly does not know. I mean there were elders in some of the hall who would not even do a service meeting part as they played the I am so depressed card or my wife needs me. Yet when I spoke to the CO's and told them I needed my husband I was told to suck it up and let my husband be used to Jehovah's service. It was like I was a winning bitch to the CO's. I have been there when CO's have yelled at my husband right in front of me. It is truly unbelievable that they would dare to print a article like this. It totally just makes my blood boil.

    This last hall we were in before I woke up to this not being the "truth" we moved to the hall because there were ten elders there and I told the CO I needed my husband I had given over 20 years to him jumping when he was called and I wanted to be in a hall where he would not be used as much as I was loosing it. I was so depressed I could not go into the Kingdom Hall without crying my eyes out, I would sit through meeting after meeting just crying and no one said a dam word to me. The CO knew all of this and said he was very concerned for me and my mental health yet the first thing the CO did was dump everything on my husband in the new hall even through there were ten other elders none of them wanted or could do the jobs my husband could I was told, my husband was needed yet again and Jehovah came first. OH MY GOD! I was so hurt, we never had a marriage and the CO knew it. The CO told me to my face that he knew how depressed I was, as I had told him I had tired at least once to take my life I had thought about suicide way more then that. Yet the CO knew all of this and still he gave my husband the school, the book study with the child rapist in it, etc meetings for field service as none of the other elders felt comfortable conducting, it just went on and on. Even through there were ten elders it was really no different then when my husband was the only elder in so many ways.


    I truly hate this religion.


  • tornapart

    I'm an elder's wife and I know how it is although never had it as bad as you LITS ((((hug)))). Trouble is everyone thinks the elder's wives have it easy. One of the things that's made it easy for me to see through it all is because of being an elder's wife. I've been one for 25 years now, all through having growing kids, me having to do most of the work at bringing them up. Always having to come 2nd to the congregation. Sisters that needed my husband all the time, judicial cases that went on for months and months, never seeing him at home and me spending hours and hours alone. Trouble is he's a 'good' elder and everyone wants him, he's the one they all go to. Not so good for me though. He ended up taking a year out, then went back but now he says 'no' a lot more and things are better.

    Believe me when I see the word 'elderette' on here it makes me want to scream...

  • LostGeneration

    @BTX- Great comments! I thought the story was quite strange as well. Dude was doing everything he was supposed to, a "never say no" elder to boot. So why wasn't his family situation blessed by Jah?

  • hamsterbait

    When is the XXX DVD being "put out"?

  • sd-7

    An old memory just came back as I read the posts from people who are or were elders' wives. I remember I was friends with an elder's son in my younger days. He was an only child, and his dad was pretty hardcore as far as the ministry and being an elder. We used to play games together, go to museums, all kinds of stuff. His mom was pretty hot, though, and seemed to be either really depressed or unusually happy depending on the day. But I considered her a good friend as I got older. She was a good person, just messed up emotionally for reasons I suppose I never got the chance to figure out, being male and all and not being TOO close to her, you know?

    Anyway, there was one time, I was maybe 17 or 18 and I was visiting their home, playing video games with 'Jr.', and Elder Dad says he's going out to grab a pizza, literally five minutes down the road, if that. He tells his son to come with him, but I'd opted to stay behind. Elder Dad suddenly got a bit nervous and asked his son to stay there instead. I didn't even think about it for a moment and then it hit me--ooh, his wife is home, upstairs. I guess he's worried about leaving me here alone with her. (I'm not sure I'd even seen her come out of that room at all the entire time I was there.) I felt embarrassed that I hadn't thought about it. I would've gladly gone with them if I'd even realized it. Of course, it would've required a very quick and elaborate plot for her to come downstairs, have a quickie with me, and go back upstairs like nothing happened all within maybe 10 minutes. Theoretically possible, but who in their right mind would dare take such a risk? Not I. Elder Dad was BUILT. He could probably benchpress close to 200 pounds.

    After reading this story, though, now I understand his concern. His wife had been DF'd years ago, for reasons I never did know. I wonder if I actually knew "Daniel and Sarah"? Naah...

    But it makes me sad to know that elders' wives suffer such loneliness. I'm kind of glad I didn't stay in, for my wife's sake, 'cause they sure were about to put me to work in the congregation--no doubt as mike boy or collecting donations or whatever. All the stuff she wanted me to do, to be in the congregation would only have backfired in a big way. Ironic.


  • cofty

    Thanks for sharing your story Life is to Short.

    Sadly its all too familar. My wife and I left the borg when our children were still very young otherwise I fear she would have had a similar story to tell. Everybody thinks they own the elders and families are just supposed to suck it up. Its amazing to me they are acknowledging the problem.

  • sd-7
    Its amazing to me they are acknowledging the problem.

    Yeah, wooooow. Next thing you know they'll be saying they were wrong about something!


  • Bella15

    They got me at "Daniel conducted five Bible studies with young men—three of whom got baptized" YEAH RIGHT in their dreams - 3 out of 5 baptized LOL !!! Please, who are they trying to FOOL!

  • La Falta Habitacion Por Sr Hor-Hey!!
    La Falta Habitacion Por Sr Hor-Hey!!

    B to da X, classic!!!!! and full of enough reality to cause a GB mbr to have a heart attack.

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