What's your favorite stereotype that is used by the WT?

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  • exwhyzee

    Whenever the magazines feature photos of bethelites dressed up as worldly persons, someone always winds up wearing sunglasses, a bandanna and a menacing scowl on their face.

  • jemba

    Marry at 18 in the troof (for a bit of nookie) and find eternal happiness. Marry a worldly and be forever riddled with problems.

  • jookbeard

    similar the Wizard, that everything/one outside of the WTS have the morals of alley cats, and that those that leave, have "bad heart conditions" who dont think the banging on door work is necessary

  • Bubblegum Apotheosis
    Bubblegum Apotheosis

    Most tragic accidents happen to those who stayed home on a meeting day or night!

    The home was robbed, thank goodness our sister was in field service, she could have been a victim of evil.

    Bethel service will make your children more loving to parents and Jehovah God.

    Elders are shown in magazines in exaggerated circumstances, bringing spiritual refreshment to depressed souls.

    The Kingdom Hall is a spiritual paradise, everyone attending has got your back!

    "No wordly friends would treat you as good as your true friends in your congregation"

    "Jehovah's Witnesses are not perfect, just saved by works!"

  • jookbeard

    or the faithful JDub sister with a violent unbelieving mate, who beats her daily, while in some Amazonian outpost she special pioneers,swims across piranha infested rivers to attend meetings and conduct hundreds on Bible Studies all the while working a 100 hours a week to provide for her 68 children, then some years later the abusive husband becomes a JW and serves as an elder in the local rain forest cong.

  • exwhyzee

    Good one Jookbeard but you forgot to mention that 67 of her 68 children all wound up in either the full time preaching work or Bethel servece except for the one who was eaten by Piranha while swimming to a secret banned assembly in the jungle. There were no tears or sadness, rather the family was overjoyed to know that their sibling died while serving god and will be resurrected any minute now.

  • nugget

    Apostate stereotype;

    they know it's the truth but pride won't allow them to humbly follow god's organisation.

    They know they are to be destroyed so want to draw as many as they can out of the congregation

    They want followers for themselves

    They are mentallydiseased

    They are too lazy to do the preaching work

    They deserve to die and it is a real pity that the congregation isn't allowed to kill them these days.

    Apostates are evil

    Just being in the same room as an apostate is dangerous and they can make you leave the organisation with just a few words or a look.

    Apostates are worse than paedophiles, murders and any other scum in the congregation.

    I am none of the above so resent the way I am characterised and stereotyped.

  • MC RubberMallet
    MC RubberMallet

    nugget ditto

  • jgnat

    The Venerated Older Couple With Good Teeth seated in the front row after service, in genuine conversation with Permanently Single Sister. She has a marked Magazine under her arm.

    The good teeth are completely fake. Everyone knows they put off needed dental work in '75 and haven't been able to afford it ever since.

    Genuine conversation: "Wasn't that a very fine talk by Brother Talksalot, sister? Oh, yes, very fine."

  • jookbeard

    XYZee, LMAO!

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