Elders breaking Confidentiality - I want this thread to be dirtyy

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  • Scott77

    Obviously, the lack of clear bible guidelines about handling confidential matters and the fact that elders work on voluntary basis without financial remuneration from the Watchtower unlike Christendom clergy, compounds the problem. These are ordinary men, some from low station of life with average high school education but with enormous amount power over people's lives,thanks to the watchtower organisational structure setup. Unlike professional counselors, watchtower-sponsored elders do not have certified licenses to put on line in case disclosing confidential matters.

    dgp, you have never been a witness. I beg to disagree with you. I have seen it all as a JW for many years since birth.

    Hi dgp, I thought I misunderstood you.

    Scott77: With all due respect, I beg to disagree with you. I'm sure these elders know how to keep their mouth shut when speaking would damage them or the Mother organization.

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