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  • N.drew
    Oh, first, I didn't 'feel' attacked. I just pointed out the actions of another person, but did not comment on how that made me feel.

    Really? If she did not make you feel attacked why post it at all? It was insulting. FHN is a peaceful person. Now you say she went into attack mode.

    Even in the pages past, nothing was said about my opinions which I have offerd up for debate----but instead my personal character was attacked repeatedly.
  • NewChapter

    And yet my promoting of Thor worship is called silly.....

    No EE. Promoting the worship of a bronze-aged desert god is silly. Promoting THOR worship is nobel!

    N.Drew---here is where you and I differ. I don't care if the name calling came before or after the accusations! It does not matter. You are responsible for your own behavior. You are aggressive, and you blame your vicitm. That's called bullying. So argue all you want that you didn't start cussing people out before you were accused. It is a weak and silly argument. And let me throw in pathetic. It's the old, WELL THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT! Or the childlike cry, "She hit me first". I don't care. It was inappropriate whatever the context.

    And I am still unsure exactly what I did to 'deserve' having the F bomb dropped on me. Your only defense is you were mad at someone else for something they did that I did not do, so you lobbed the attack. Kind of like punishing everyone today for what some peeps did thousands of years ago in a garden. I guess I can see how you imitate your beliefs.


  • NewChapter

    FHN is a peaceful person.


  • NewChapter

    Really? If she did not make you feel attacked why post it at all?

    Simply to say that she missed her target. I felt no sting. But the attempt was made, and I thought it was valid to point that out. I'm a slippery target, but someone else may make a better target. So it was my way of yelling HEADS UP, and pointing out hypocrisy.


  • palmtree67

    Physical violence and verbal abuse is a choice a person makes. And they alone are responsible for it.

    The little jibs and jabs, condescensions and assumptions are part of debate amongst imperfect people. If you can't take it, then don't post here.

    But the verbal abuse you have dished out, is far more than what has been dished out to you.

    And I am getting tired of you and your friends blaming your bad behaviour on everyone else.

  • james_woods
    So we must think of ourselves as superior? Does such a notion feed the already prevelant opinion that atheists think they are superior and are therefore ignorant?

    1, Everyone thinks that their viewpoint is superior - otherwise they would change their viewpoint.

    2. To me it logically follows that if you think your viewpoint is superior - you should take the high ground, and act like it. This helps prove that it may BE superior to people of other viewpoints.

    3. Is this passive-aggressive? Possibly - but what is so wrong with passive aggressive? I think it may be a good compromise between being a wimp and being a bully.

    BTW (in support of the above) - somebody (was that you, PalmTree?) put up a big angry red quotation from Madaline Murray O'Hair. I would certainly not quote this person if I were trying to paint atheism as being reasonable. While there are many reasonable atheists, she was certainly NOT one of them.

  • elderelite

    NC, i admire you fighting the fight here, but ive never been fully convinced that N drew isnt a troll who lol's at the insanity. The non sequiters are baffling in the extreme. That alone makes me wonder, but i leave room for differances in view point, uPbringing and even potential language barriers.... That said, 14 pages before the first Thor referance is sad :-(

    Serioisly, i dont know what compels some "believers" to push their view pointnso strongly, just as i dont see what pushes some "non believers" to do the same. What i find whole unacceptable is that former JW's, who should have the backround to know better, cant figure it out.

    Im all for rational discussion, sharing ideas, and even sprited debates. But when foolish name Calling and cursing starts, who benefits? Who learns? Who grows?

    And then the rediculous recriminations about who said what when.... Its a message board. We can all see it for ourselves. No matter which side you come down on, its clear who threw the first and most vicious blows.

    Again, Thor worship fixes it all. We drink, fight for a while to releive pent up feelings, and all is well. All hail the thunderer, the odin son, Thor!!!


    Before getting involved in a debate, we have to ask what our motive is. There is no rule that says we have to avoid making points that offend the sensibilities of others or even upset them. But if our aim is to help people or win them over to our point of view, an outright attack on a person’s viewpoint or belief is likely to cause that person to defend and strengthen their belief.

    Many Christians expect to be ridiculed. The Bible warned that they would be and persecuted, so when they are verbally attacked their faith is strengthened. Quietly making a point in a friendly way is a far more effective way of influencing another person than attack. This is true in any social situation.

    If a person’s aim is to help free the world of religion, outright attack on believers is an inefficient method and counterproductive. If a Christian wants to win people over to their belief in Christ, being sociable and polite is far more likely to cause a person to consider what the Christian has to say. It seems to me that Tammy’s approach makes her message more appealing than the fire and brimstone brigade.

  • N.drew
    And I am getting tired of you and your friends blaming your bad behaviour on everyone else.

    This is an insult to the intelligence on JWN. No one ever blamed my bad behavior on everyone else or anyone else.

    I was being ganged up on. Not by only one person like New Chapter thought about FHN. But by many and for a long time. When someone finally spoke up some posters cried like a little baby. One against one vs. many against one. That was the problem. It still is! And like New said, it is kind of funny.

  • NewChapter

    but what is so wrong with passive aggressive?

    It's toxic.

    Before getting involved in a debate, we have to ask what our motive is.

    I often think of those on the fence that are observing. If I can help them not take the first step down the murkey path of believing what is not there, thereby setting them up for all kinds of weird beliefs, then I think it is a good goal. As I pointed out in an earlier post, had I questioned the notion of a god to begin with, then the hellfire preachers and JW's would not have found me so vulnerable and pliable. Showing people that it is okay to always demand evidence and question, will hopefully encourage them to do the same.


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