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  • idranktheseawater

    Did they seriously use the words "mentally deseased"?

  • Inisc

    Yes they did, I believe it was in a watchtower. If you search for it in the WT library I'm sure it will come up.

  • iCeltic

    They definitely used that phrase.

    and I have some friends and family members who have suffered with self harm and eating disorders, I have on occasion tried to talk about it but I'm sometimes at a loss as to what to say :(

  • Simon

    Re: the "mentally diseased" article:

    (The Telegraph is a respected UK newspaper)

    Lots of people who just want to leave the religion suffer because of articles like this and the associated pressure on family to shun ex-members. I've experienced both sides both as a shunner (not allowed to see my father when I was growing up) and a shunnee (the majority of my immediate family and friends I grew up with now refuse to talk to me).

    We're not blaming you of course idranktheseawater - just trying to explain who we are and why

  • mamochan13

    idranktheseawater - I appreciated the insights your videos offered. Unfortunately, when you put yourself out here on the Internet, you are going to get lots of negative stuff. It goes with the territory. I hope you can maintain a thick skin - it isn't easy.

    But when it comes to the JW stuff, I hope you can take a sober second look here on this site. Good luck - you are a brave woman.

  • CADSkin

    In our hall in Oregon(Very strict) a young teen started to show signs of tourettes. He would blink and make noises. It wasn’t very disruptive but the elders talked to his family and made them call in to the meetings. Moving from SoCal to Oregon was a bit of a shock because of the differences in the halls.

  • Vidiot
    idranktheseawater - "There's a tourettes joke related to the watchtower? lol Id say I wanna hear it unless it involves swearing at the organization ;)"

    No, no. I meant that I was gonna make a smartass remark (I do that) about a tourette's sufferer commenting at the WT study...

    ...something along the lines of, "...and as Jehovah's Organization progresses in its understanding of New Li-buggershitdamn!!!!"

    But I didn't, 'cause you were here, and it would have been insensitive.

    (BTW, greetings, fellow Canadian)

    Much as we'd like you to hang around, if you're baptized and your local BOE finds out you've been posting here (and particularly that you have no problem with XJWs who "followed another path"), you'll be JC'd before you can say "I drank the seawater"...

    You know that, right?

  • Vidiot
    idranktheseawater - "Did they seriously use the words 'mentally deseased'?"

    Those, and a lot more, and this woman felt quite hurt by it:

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