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  • idranktheseawater

    I joined this site so I could answer this thread

    I am the person you are talking about

    I remember you messaging me on youtube and asking me about this

    I dont see what is wrong with my hair. We are completely allowed to dye our hair. If I were to dye it pink or blue or some unnatural color, there would be a problem, but blonde is not a problem. In fact, I was born with very blond hair and had it that way most of my life.

    My clothes....I dress modestly. I dont have low cut shirts and I dont wear really short skirts. The elders have never aproached me about my clothing. The sisters here dress this way. It may be different in Russia, but there are cultural differences and that is all. Like in some countries (possibly Russia) the brothers can have a beard, but here....they cant. Its not appropriate.

    I have even made certain for years that my dress is okay by asking opinions. There is no issue there. If there was, I would have resolved it.

    About the swearing. I have tourettes syndrome. There was even an article about that in an awake recently. Jehovah understands that its not my fault. He knows i hate those words. Can you imagine being me and being forced to utter those kinds of things? Especially around children? How I must feel? Shame...

    I stopped going door to door after the swearing started. I would do witnessing by letters and talk about my illness and tell them about how there would be an end to sicknesses like mine and any other.

    At the kingdom hall...everyone knows I have tourettes. If I make strange noises or tic or spasm they dont judge because they know what I have. If I start swearing I rush out of the hall and let it all out when im outside.

    What would you have me do? Stay home? Not get spiritual nurishment because I have an uncontrollable syndrome? I deserve to stay strong spiritually and without the meetings I would fall. I already lost being able to go door to door...something I did since I was a baby being carried in my mothers arms...something I did as a small child when all I could do was ring the bell and I was really proud to do that...or later... offer a tract. Imagine losing that?

    If I wasnt supposed to go to the meetings, the elders would have told me, but they didnt, because that simply doesnt make sense.

    About using my tourettes to "gauge peoples reactions" Seriously? You want to decide for me what my intent was? I wanted to show people what its really like to live with this disorder. Most people get their knowledge of it from the offensive show "South Park" People are suffering with this disorder and they feel alone and those around them make them feel bad. It wasnt easy for me to show what it looks like to be this way. I look totally in madness. Im not sorry I posted those vids. When we swear with tourettes...its not really swearing because the words are empty. There is no meaning or viscious intent. Its just an utterance the body forces out of me. If you judge me for says more about you than it does about me.

    Youll notice in the vid that you linked that I repeated the word "Sorry "multiple times. That is because I felt bad about the cursing and said I was sorry...but I felt so bad that the tourettes forced me to repeat the word over and over.

    In my earlier vids. I did drop the F bomb at least once without tourettes and I felt shamefully about it later. I vowed not to do that again. People make mistakes. This is certainly not the worst I could have made.

    At the hall...we have talks about gossip. This thread was gossip....and honestly it was hurtful.

  • sosoconfused

    @idranktheseawater I salute you for standing up for what you believe and making others informed about this matter.

    I am glad that Watchtower has seen with your syndrome that it is beyond your control. That you are born that way and Jehovah understands that...

    I just hope one day that they finally get it through their thick skulls that Homosexuality should be seen the same way. People are born that way, and expecting them to control sexual urges that he placed there is not natural either.

    For instance the Bible specifically says let a rotten saying not proceed from ones mouth. If they were to take action against you for that because of the way you were bron that would be disgusting of them.

    The Bible also mentions how Jehovah supposedly felt about homosexuals or so they say, yet they condemn individuals for that and they are born that way.

    Maybe the honchos at Bethel will get as smart as you and realize somethings are just understood better in this day and age

  • Simon

    idranktheseawater: well said

    Unfortunately I'm sure you can understand that many who have been hurt by the watchtower are critical of it and sometimes "Jehovahs Witness Beliefs & Doctrines" and "People who Believe the Jehovahs Witnesses Doctrines" get a little blurred.

    I hope the people making comments didn't intend to cause hurt and apologise for any that was caused.

  • Hummingbird001

    I think you are very brave to tell your story on YouTube and let others see this personal part of your life.

    Other than the person here who said he did not find you cute, I think most people feel like Pseudo said, "I wonder how her tourette's syndrome works out for her at the meetings. It must be difficult for her....."

    I'm sure that the discussion of the difference in clothing styles amongst Witnesses around the world was also not meant to be hurtful to you personally.

    Good luck to you in life's journey!

  • idranktheseawater

    There were positive comments. Yes. Im grateful for those.

    I didnt like reading that I dressed in a "non-spiritual" way

    or that I could not possibly be a Jehovah's witness based on what was felt they knew about me. That I clearly dont go to the KH or go in service. That JW's would be telling me to stay home and keep my problems to myself.

  • Simon

    Ah, the internet ... allowing people to make comments about others they'd never say to their face.

    I think every hall and area is different and probably depends a little on the people in charge to set the tone. I remember visiting my cousins congregation and getting a lecture because I bought a Cadbury's Creme Egg from the shop ... apparently they viewed them as "Evil Pagan Easter Eggs of Satan" instead of "those delicious but also slightly sickly chocolate eggs they sell all year round and you can buy when you want one".

  • sosoconfused

    @idrankseawater - I have family in Jamaica and in some PARTS of Jamaica they can have goatees where as in the areas with more tourists the brothers are more apprehensive about having them. On a small island such as that there are TWO differing ideas on something like facial hair. So I can imagine if there are those from other countries who look at you and say things like that they are basing thier views on what they see on a day to day basis in thier own small world.

    If no one is harrassing you about what you are wearing locally do not worry about what people outside your community are saying about you

  • HarryMac

    Wow... busted!

    'I'm the person on the video'. haha.

    Reminds me of the police saying 'Why are people unwilling to believe we can figure out how to look at Facebook?'

    Anyways... you look like my English teacher in high school. It's a good look!

    I'll refrain from making my standard joke about stalking you, lol.

    All the best!

  • neverscreamagain

    A warm welcome idranktheseawater !!

    Very courageous and noble for you to be making videos addressing issues and problems that the organisation would rather not acknowledge that its members suffer with at a far greater rate than the public in general.

    Keep doing what you are doing. It is certainly a great use of your time and energies. Keep it up!

  • Nosferatu

    I use invisible hairspray to keep my hair spiritually sound.

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