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  • Nosferatu
    it is gossip, and not right, but I don't think anyone wanted to hurt you, so I would not take it personally.

    I think one thing we have to remember is that most of us were at one point JWs. What do JWs do? They gossip about each other in the Kingdom Hall. They're trained to do so with labels such as "Sister Harlot is spiritually weak", "Brother Wanker is inactive" or "Sister Shortskirt is bad association". They're conditioned to compare themselves to others, measuring how spiritually strong they are to others in the congregation and how likely they'll be to survive armageddon.

    The ones who compare themselves are competitive, and the ones who fall under those categories are the ones who could use a non-jw or an ex-jw to let them know that whatever's keeping them away from the meetings is justified.

  • idranktheseawater

    You guys have been pretty great. Thanks.

    I agree that those who said thoughtless things did not intend to be mean...though I sense they just didnt intend to get caught.

    I liked some of the things that were said before I got here. I like the first main post where he said he liked my vids and the awareness because its needed. Seems like he was maybe just confused about the issue of culture differences. I hope he didnt mean that I dress "half naked" as was commented about others 0.o

    I think the main thing I was offended about was that I couldnt possibly be a JW because I work hard to do what is right.

    There's a tourettes joke related to the watchtower? lol Id say I wanna hear it unless it involves swearing at the organization ;)

    Thanks to all who have been welcoming and thanks for words of support

    and lol Nosferatu....I think you need a dramatic entrance and a pity story to get the butt kissing? haha...I dont think it was butt kissing. You guys just seem nice.

  • Simon

    Some gossip. Some are judgemental. Some say mean things.

    We don't need to be like that we can put on the new ... , erm, I mean take off the old personality

  • Nosferatu
    and lol Nosferatu....I think you need a dramatic entrance and a pity story to get the butt kissing?

    Hey! I tried! Although I will admit it was a feeble attempt. I'll do better next time ;)

    And without kissing butt, I welcome you to JWN! Feel free to send me whatever you used to put into the contribution box ;)

  • LisaRose

    Well, in the end we are all just those "mentally diseased" apostates they warned you about at the Kingdom Hall, so what else can you expect?

  • MrFreeze

    I've been to Kingdom Halls in Sweden. They don't dress any different than in other countries. I did notice a couple brothers with beards. Shows they have different policies in different countries.

  • iCeltic

    Welcome. I'm not 100% sure you know where you are but a warm welcome anyway.

  • Gypsy Sam
    Gypsy Sam

    Welcome. My daughter and I watched a touching lifetime or hallmark movie that was about a young man with Tourette's who went through much mistreatment on his path to become a teacher. My teen daughter was deeply touched by his experience and made her empathy for others that are "different" even stronger. I watched your video taling about the anniversary of your cutting. Congratulations :) hugs:) you are beautiful inside and out. my daughter went through this, too and it was awful to know of her pain and feel so helpless. She is a teen and we have only recently reinvestigated JW teachings after having many questions that could no longer be ignored. We have been inactive for several months and the peace and happiness that has come into our lives is amazing. I wish you all the best in your journey and I appreciate your videos.

    Carpe Diem!

  • idranktheseawater

    Mentally deseased? did they put it that way? lol I hope not. But whether you are are no longer a Witness doesnt make you ingrates, so I dont assume you are rude because you chose another path

    And yeah, iCeltic, I know where I am. I didnt know when I made my first post, but I figured it out soon after. Wont take up camp here as I am still a Witness, but thanks for the welcome.

    Gypsy Sam...Ive seen that movie a few times. "Front of the class" Very good and inspiring movie.

    Sorry to hear your daughter went through self harm. I hope she is doing better now.

  • problemaddict

    Hey there sea water,

    I have been a JW my entire life. I no longer attend meetings, however most of my friends continue to. A good friend of mine I served with for quite while has a low level of tourettes. I don't think people understand that there are various stages. He blinks very hard, has a hard time with his filter, but otherwise is fine. I applaud your "balls" so to speak in creating your videos. They can be theraputic, and nobody that is mature enough to understand it is a disease should ever judge someone for something they don't understand.

    I am glad your hall treats you with respect, and you are certainly not imodestly dressed. The Russian fellow noted that they are very strict over there, so it is most likely just a cultural difference he is noting.

    Nice to see someone come in and be welcomed, as well as be welcoming. We are all human beings after all, and deserve respect. Wether we have an illness people don't understand, or reject our former religious path. Wouldn't you say that is true?

    I mean, you feel strongly about sharing your experience and making videos and entertaining others to bring light to something you are passionate about. Yet some who would do this very same thing because of abuse or frustration from hidden or misguided teachings, would be labeled an apostate and branded "mentally diseased" as both the recent District Convention, and a recent WT put it. Do you think that is ok?

    Either way, welcome, and you are among friends.

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