LDS (Mormon) wheelers and dealers coming over tonight at 7 PST. What would you ask them?

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  • sabastious

    Hey JWN. A couple of Mormon missionaries came to my house last week and I invited them in. What can I say, curiosity killed the cat. I have been in a deep study of all religion of late and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to speak to Mormons in such a detailed manner. They gave me a free Book of Mormon and answered a couple of my questions. They asked if they could come back and I agreed and now they are coming over tonight. I was wondering what questions you would ask them if they were coming to your house? It seems to me like the best questions would come from Ex cult members. I appreciate the feedback.

    Here are some questions I thought up myself:

    1. Is it wrong to be Catholic?

    2. Is LDS the only true Church?

    3. Is the Book of Mormon inerrant?

    4. What do you have to say about the accusations of Joseph Smith including his alleged con artistry?

    5. Have you seen the Mormon South Park episode or the play that resulted from it?

    6. What disqualifies a Mormon as legitimate once they have been inducted into the organization?

    7. What is a cult?


  • talesin

    What is the purpose of your missionary work, and is it conducted world wide, or only in English-speaking countries?

    If a youth decides to leave the LDS, are they still accepted by the church, or is there an excommunication process?

    Why do youths as young as 18 years old, introduce themselves as "Elders" when performing their ministry? What are the qualifications for having the title of elder?

    Do Joseph Smith's writings supersede the Bible?


  • 00DAD

    I would ask them to leave.

    Life is too short to drink cheap wine, eat bad food or listen to bullshit.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    They don't stop by my house anymore Last time I told them I had just left one cult ,and would not be interested in joining theirs.

    Ask them ,if they really believe all the Church teachings ,and what would happen if they didn't any more ?

    If they could change anything about their religion what would it be ?

    What happens to Mormans that leave the church ?

  • Ding

    8. Where exactly is the planet Kolob from which God allegedly comes?

    9. If I become a Mormon and progress to godhood, which planet will I rule over and how many wives will I have?

  • Londo111

    The LDS concept of Holy Spirit has always confused me...

    In the Mormon view, is the Holy Spirit one of the Father's children? If not, where did the Spirit come from? If everyone gets a body to develop to the next level, will the Holy Spirit get a body eventually and be glorified? If so, and everyone goes through testing, will the Holy Spirit be tested as a human?

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Are they wearing their magic underwear? Would an angel of the Lord really appear in upstate New York? One would think the Holy Land would be more comfortable for them.

    They make the Witnesses look sane. Yet it also proves that there is something in WT culture that most Witnesses are so poor. Wacky doctrine-=one can still be wealthy. See Mitt Romney.

  • TD

    1. Why is the BOM 'translated' into Jamesian English?

    2. How did Greek words coined after Alexander's conquest of Israel get into the BOM?

    3. Why does the BOM contain direct translations of Greek idioms like, 'Verily verily I say unto you"?

    4. Why is there no evidence of a civilization in the Americas on par with ancient Greece or Rome at the height of their power?

    5. All civilizations that produce durable objects leave artifacts behind. Tile alone is almost indestructable. What happened to the durable objects depicted in this painting?

  • blindnomore

    Can mormon drink caffein?(answer is no then ask can mormon drink coke, mountain dew,...answer is yes, I always wanted to know the reason)

    Who adopted the practice of Polygamy? Was it Joseph Smith or Brighem Young? ( I understood it was BY but told by a mormon it was JS.)

    what do you think about JW?(before asking #7)

    Ask about ex-communicating policy?

    Do you believe Original Garden of Eden was in Missouri, USA?

    What do you think of wife and children of Joseph Smith didn't go with Brigham Young along with followers when he left Missouri upon JS' death? (Precisely, current mormon, followers of BY is splinter group from Original leader, JS. JS's surving family left seperatly from BY's group and carried on the religion but remain rather as a smal group.)

    Ask about 'Mountain Meadow Massacre'

  • sabastious

    Great questions so far. I will try to get them all in until we run out of time.


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