Name Things You Did As A Witness That You Weren't Supposed To Do

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  • Kool Jo
    Kool Jo

    In my teens:

    Got introduced to metal music


    R rated movies

    Ate "christmas/birthday" cake

    Accepted/gave chritmas gifts

    Attended college

    Drinking before legal age

    Hung out with neighbors who were heavy weed smokers

  • biometrics

    While I was going to school mum would never let me go to worldly school friends' places because they would have been a "bad influence". But she let me stay over at JW friend's houses.

    So mum dropped me over at James' place to stay for a few days. I always saw James at the meeting with his parents, seemed like an OK friend and they seemed like a perfect JW family to my mum.

    When I got to his house I was in for a big supprise. He was drinking, listenting to heavy metal, stealing condoms from his dad's room (so he could sneak out at night to see a girl down the road), and smoking pot. Keep in mind he was 14 years old JW boy. At night he'd sneak out to do graffiti.

    Later that year we went to the assembly, he met a couple of girls from his previous congregation. After they left, he told me he'd slept with both of them (at different times).

    When he grew up (in his 20s) he became the local drug dealer. His older brother took me to nightclubs. One time he visited an elder's daughter on the way home (at 2pm). She was about 17, he was 22, she lived in a room detached from the main house, he stayed for about 40mins, I was his lookout incase the elder woke up.

    I would have been better off visiting worldly friend's.

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