Name Things You Did As A Witness That You Weren't Supposed To Do

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  • WTWizard

    Before around 1996, nothing much. Maybe "unclean" thoughts, but that was about it. Beyond that (besides missing boasting sessions and nurfing my field circus), I started listening to "bad" songs on purpose, masturbating, watching racier TV shows (just to see what they were about), and of course hoping that the boasting sessions would be snowed out.

    Then, I ordered Kevin Trudeau's book Natural Cures. While that wasn't about religion, it did offer me one cure that wasn't in that book. That is, I started to think for myself (you have to if you are to get anything out of that book). From there, it led me to other things (including what is now known as the Twelve Visions, or neothink), and that was what really liberated me. (Of course, my belief system is still changing, and will continue until I either die or realize the absolute truth). That Natural Cures book may or may not have helped me physically, but it did cure one thing for me. And that is the fear of being destroyed at Armageddon.

  • clearpoison

    The worst thing of them all

    Doing the things that I felt for


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?


  • minimus

    masturbation (sparingly of course).

  • JWOP

    I had a secret boyfriend during my last two years of high school.
    Then he took a different girl to the prom, telling me that he had to work that night.

    The bum.

  • RagingBull

    lets see, rated-r films, sex, weed, (buying and selling narcotics), carrying guns, cursing, watching scary films, skip school, loaning explicit rap tapes to friends while at the K.H. drinking before 21yrs of age. to say the least....

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    RedVIp that is an awesome story! Please continue!

    was thinking the same thing....

    oh and EZYZEE- A correct answer will get you a gift certificate to go indoor skydiving with your Dad.

    I'm going sky diving for real in August if you want to come

    ummm lets see getting drunk under aged at Walkill (at the time The Farm)

  • SweetBabyCheezits

    I used some strong euphemisms. Does that count?

  • Morbidzbaby

    Oh, let's see... when I was really IN and doing everything I was supposed to be doing (pioneering, commenting, etc) I was also:

    ~Watching porn (neighbor's husband had a bunch of videos and I'd babysit their kid...when the kid was in bed, I'd pop in a tape...never took care of things until I got home, though...Which leads me to...).

    ~ Masturbation...very frequent maturbation starting at a very young age. No matter what, I just couldn't stop, even though I felt guilty.

    ~ Swearing (I had a bad potty mouth in high school, but was always able to clean it up when I got home...I was really good at watching my mouth)

    ~ Listening to heavy metal, new age, etc. Mostly stuff that was "questionable", and some that was a downright "no-no".

    ~ Having a crush on a boy in middle/high school (had the same crush for YEARS) and secretly asking him to prom (he said no).

    ~ Going to my Junior Prom (dad was worldly and he said yes, so he won lol)

    ~ Smoking! Yup...I smoked for 3 months. Never got addicted.

    ~ Skipping school/cutting class to hang out with my worldly friend (did this ALL THE TIME lol).

    ~ Dating a worldly guy, going out with him alone, being in his room alone with no one else in the house. Nothing ever happened. He was gay lol (seriously).

    ~ Getting drunk at 15 and telling off my pedophile uncle in front of everyone...We were at a wedding... He left.

    ~ Wearing a Native American arrowhead pendant with Kokopelli on it.

    ~ After my divorce and while I was trying to fade, I fornicated with a good number of guys. Some were full-on sex, others were just "heavy petting" (is it still considered petting if you use your tongue?? ). I can't decide whether I'm proud of that, or embarrassed by it. But I was repressed in my marriage for so long that I kind of went nuts with it.

    I'm sure there are other things...stuff I'm so used to doing NOW that I don't give it a second thought...But yeah, I wasn't a JW poster child by any means.

  • exwhyzee

    Does anyone see a connection here? We have a load of former JW's commenting on all the things they did that were considered wrong for a JW to do, who then wound up leaving altogether for one reason or another.

    When I was "IN" I did my best to walk the talk. I'm not sure which happened first....doing things based on my own conscience after I began seeing through all the WT B.S. and then finally leaving , or if my leaving was ultimately caused by doing things based on my own conscience rather than by the WT's "book". Current JW's would have you believe that it was our own independant thinking that led us astray and into Satan's clutches.

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