Name Things You Did As A Witness That You Weren't Supposed To Do

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  • undercover

    You guys are bad association. You know what the Bible says about bad associates...

    but nevermind that. I'm damn glad to know ya...

    I was pretty typical. All the same sins everyone seems to have committed without ever confessing. Thing is... at the height of my indoctrination, I tried to be good. I just couldn't help it. It was impossible to hold to the standards that we were expected. You either felt guilty all the time or were afraid someone would find out your dirty little secrects.

    Realizing that the WT religion was a sham was like taking a heavy load off your shoulders. Not only was it a false religion, freeing you from the obligations of the cult, all that guilt and fear dissipated and gave you new freedom to discover your true self and to set your own boundries.

  • dyakoub

    I read other translations of the Bible, Historical Criticism, The Qur'an, Talmud, Epic of Gilgamesh. Asked question, thought independently, make snide remarks about the not so end. Tried to help my family keep a level head regarding the big A. That did not go over very well.

    I also ALWAYS had worldy friends and refused to be friends with kids in the congo. I'm surprised I lasted that long. I audaciously, unabashedly, even defiantley listened to rap music... Loudly. And not the "you make me go round" garbage. But real "protect your neck", "Thug life" gangsta sh.....

    Oh and the movies. Oh all those movies.

    I also never studied for a Watchtower and I was never ashamed of my unmarked magazine.... Yeah I'm a badass

  • wasblind

    Watched the young and the restless and the bold and the beautiful

  • mind blown
    mind blown

    I'm ashamed to say I was a model JW.... until I got severly depressed and felt dead inside... then I fled like a bat out of WTS hell

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I could do almost anything worldly but not considered bad in my parent's eyes as long as no Witnesses would be around to witness. We had birthday parties, special preschool education, Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, trooped all around NYC. I am very grateful that I had the exposure. Neither one of them believed sincerely. They were pleasing family members.

    For a young child, it is one thing to hear how bad birthdays, Christmas, etc. are. I felt Jehovah would strike us with lightning and if he did not immediately, I would die even more horribly at Armagedon.

    I used to run away to Greenwich Village and do the department stores on Fifth for countless hours. Hung out in Central Park with hippies.

    I campaigned secretly for Gene McCarthy. My father was a confirmed union Humphrey supporter. Despite telling the McCarthy people to NEVER call me at home, they called and left a message with my father. He was bemused but that changed at the 68 convention riots. It was very good that I was visiting distant relatives at the time.

    I attended demonstrations in NY and DC behind his back. Oh, I wore eye makeup, too. I was the first nonfarmer in my neighborhood to wear bell bottom blue jeans and peace symbols.

    What truly sustained evil me were the Beatles and Dylan. Oh, how he hated John, my champion at ticking off parents. Strangely, despite all his rantings and violence coupled with confiscations of my Beatles collection, he drove me to JFK to see John and Paul enter the country to p romote Apple. One never knew what to expect.

  • minimus

    Think about it---- EVERY facet of life is considered if you are a member of the cult. What you watch on tv, the movies, plays, concerts, social clubs, etc.

    They're so ridiculous!

  • NomadSoul

    I paid attention in Chemistry and Science class.

  • minimus


  • dyakoub

    @wasblind You're not supposed to do that?

    All Jws I know did nothing but watch Telenovelas. It was a real problem the Elders would talk about it. Well, I thought they speak about because were obviously wasting half their lives either watching or gossiiping about imaginary characters. Never thought they weren't allowed to do it.

    @Band. I attended protests too. I forgot about that. Completely about leftist politics and sticking it to the man. If a cop shot a black man I was protesting ( as one should) and whenever the U.S. decided to invade foreign countries i was protesting (as one should).

  • 00DAD

    mind blown: I'm ashamed to say I was a model JW....

    Never be ashamed of doing what you thought was right!

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