Good news, finally regarding my ex-elder-pedophile-father-in-law...

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  • LouBelle

    It makes me so angry when innocent children are taken advantage of like this - there is nothing that can be done to him to right this wrong. I do hope his face is plastered all of the news and papers and that the truth about the cover up comes out and how he was in a leadership position while it was known by the organisation what he was!!!

  • Sapphy

    misguided, did I read that right? He had a baby from his own daughter? And was appointed as a Elder some time after?


  • cantleave

    Misguided, I hope justice is served. Please keep us posted.

  • misguided

    Clarity: No it has not hit the media yet. I'm hoping someone will leak the information out to them. I sort of feel like I may be kept "out-of-the-loop" regarding this if I leak it out, as I'm already hated by the JWs for speaking my mind on the cult. Something I said scandalous got printed a Canadian magazine about the sextuplets born in Vancouver where 2 died before the authorities took over and enforced blood transfusions on the surviving babies, where the information printed could only have come from me. I know I did the right thing, but it came with reprecussions both to me and my family. Although I hate my family's beliefs I still love them, and still hold out that they, or hopefully someone Do I have any volunteers???

    PalmTree67: So true. That was exactly what was done to me. I was sexually abused, and I was told if I spoke about it, and/or the incident above, I would face disfellowshipping for "causing division." The situation had been "dealt with."

    LouBelle: I'm axiously awaiting that, too.

    Sapphy: Yes, you read that right. I'm quite sure he was an elder when the abuse was going on, but I'm not 100 percent. I think he got deleted because of it. Yes, he became an elder after he had had a baby with his daughter.

  • karter

    I hope he rots in jail forever.

    Ive seen this type of cover-up before.

    Make sure you ring your local newspaper and see if they will take up the story.

  • ziddina

    24 COUNTS???

    I hate the sly, devious way in which Watchtower Corporation winks at pedophiles...

    (I'll see if I can get a MOD to move this thread...)

  • Mr. Falcon
    Mr. Falcon

    Dear friends, let's not forget that this monster's ability to keep things concealed for so long serves a greater purpose - Jehovah is TESTING his people.

    in all seriousness, I hope he finds out how cold the prison shower room floor can be.

  • Pistoff

    What is the town in Ontario?

    PM it to me

  • misguided

    Pistoff: PM it to me

    You have a PM

    Ziddina: (I'll see if I can get a MOD to move this thread...)

    Thank you so very much. I am thoroughly blonde. 24 Counts is what I heard from my ex.

    Karter: Make sure you ring your local newspaper and see if they will take up the story

    I'm hoping someone else does it. It would just cause so much problems for myself and my family if I were the one to make the call. I just might have to though, if someone doesn't do it soon. I'm aware from my parents that there are a few JWs in the area that know of the arrest, but it seems like everyone is being tight-lipped about it.


    35 years after?


    Nobody should go to prison 20 years after any crime he has commited.

    F*** your laws!

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