Can i defend my Faith?

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  • Knowsnothing
    knowsnothing.. That question actualy made me think..
    well lets say it was real - since in my head the flood really happened. didnt Noa preach to everyone, and no one listened?

    Mrbuny, besides the bible, would you say you have confirmation in the real world that the flood happened?

    I'll provide you with a line of reasoning that refutes the flood, especially the dates accepted for the flood from WT and another Christian apologist.

    This involves tree-ring dating. When you count the rings of a tree, you can accurately date the tree. It has some drawbacks at times, but is mostly a sound discipline.

    The tree, which was at least 4862 years old and possibly more than 5000 years, was cut down in 1964 by a graduate student and United States Forest Service personnel for research purposes

    The year 1964 - 4862 years = 2898 BCE

    The two dates I've seen so far are Masse 2807 B.C. and WT 2370 BCE.

    Masse is pretty close, but this blows away the WT date.

    And about the muslems, how do you know that God wants to destroy them?

    This is not about JW's alone. Christianity's claims to being the only means for salvation also apply here. I'll give you bible text and all.

    1 John 2:23 No one who denies the Son has the Father; whoever acknowledges the Son has the Father also.

    Muslims deny Jesus as the Son of God. By "devaluing" him as a mere prophet and stripping him of his divinity, according to Christianity and JW's too, they cannot reach salvation.

    In the coming Armageddon, Jehovah is just itching to kill them (if you believe the JW interpretation). I ask, what exactly did these people do wrong except get brought up in that religion? Can you blame someone for believing something they were taught since little?

  • Godsendconspirator

    Why don't you have bible studies with just the bible?

  • NewChapter

    well lets say it was real - since in my head the flood really happened. didnt Noa preach to everyone, and no one listened?

    Okay, bunbun, I will take this one on, since it is what led me to the truth about the truth, and about the bible account.

    I was writing a story about a young woman who lived in the time of Noah. Her name was Menuha. I asked myself, why wouldn't she get on the ark? I decided she met an angel, Nechosheth. Nechosheth had a huge advantage, including the fact that he had watched her all her life and knew her weaknesses. Then she had a child. A Nephilim! But how could she get on the ark and leave that child to just die? Could I do it? So there is the gist.

    As I rebuilt that world, I looked into mammoths, mastodons, etc. I imagined them on the landscape. ANYWAY, I was at the Natural History Museum looking up at a mammoth fossil, and in the case below was a spear head that had been used to hunt mammoth. We have a lot of evidence that humans hunted mammoths. BUT WAIT! Why would humans hunt mammoths to that degree?

    1. It had never rained, and the climate was temperate.

    2. If they wanted to wear animal skins, Abel was a herder of sheep---surely they had more domestic options.

    3. What in the world would they need that heavy coat for anyway?

    4. They didn't eat meat!

    They had no need for such resources! Humans hunted mammoths. But they wouldn't have needed such resources until after the flood. But mammoths died in the flood. Right? But----humans hunted mammoths!

    So that was the chink that opened the floodgate. Go research prehistoric animals. See how impossible the flood story is. As I said, this was only the first set of questions that led to further investigation (which I had actually done retroactively and it all caught up with me at that moment, but you may need to move forward with your investigation.)

    Interesting point. Do you have the blue evolution book? Or maybe it is the mankinds search for god book. maybe both. They talk about a baby mammoth that they claimed was flash frozen with food in it's mouth and proof that the flood came and turned the poles immediately frozen. Read up on that baby mammoth find! We have the internet now. You'll find that they severely misrepresented the find and committed grave intellectual dishonesty. Read the truth about the baby mammoth and ask yourself why the WBTS felt the need to LIE!

    Have fun. Get thee there quickly.


  • Nambo

    Just use your own logic Mr Bunyrabit.

    Question 3 for instance, the JWs claim all those "miracles and Fireworks" of Revelation, where fullfilled by themselves in a sort of invisible way via the preaching work. I think JWs are going to be most suprised when those Revelation plagues happen as literal events that the ungodly masses wont be able to denigh, more so than even in Moses day, for what was written before, is a pattern for things to come.

    A question for you, the whole religion, the authority of the self appointed "Faithfull and Discreet slave", all rests on their claim they fullfilled scripture from Daniel 12 in 1918/19, but in order to fit themselves in with this prophesy, they can only think of the 1922 Cedar Point Ohio convention to "fullfill" Daniel 12 verse 12.

    Do you honestly think the climax of the book of Daniel, the most happy thing the Angel could point to during Jesus second coming, was an assembly that most Witnesses themselves cannot tell you about, let alone the world at large, was that convention even better than JWs surviving arrmegeddon and stepping into Paradise?

    For if it was not, the whole JW religion falls like a stack of cards.

  • jwfacts

    Your thread is a great idea. I did something very similar when I was a JW. When I became inactive, the elders asked me to study more and prove the things I believe. So I opened the Reasoning book, and started with the first topic under A, (I think it was Abortion) and continued from there. I found that with virtually every topic, I could see that the Watchtower promoted a very narrow opinion that I could support in its entirety. It was a tremendous experience in understanding that the Watchtower forces black and white thinking that does not fit with the real world that contains a range of shades of grey.

  • InterestedOne

    jwfacts wrote:

    a very narrow opinion that I could support in its entirety.

    Did you mean "could not support ..." ?

  • moshe

    What is your view now on blood transfusions? I'm Jewish- and Jews have no religious issues over blood transfusions- unlike Kosher vs non-kosher food

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    ... didnt Noa preach to everyone, and no one listened?

    Have you ever really analysed the scriptures that cover this subject?

    Which scriptures truly demonstrate that Noah and/or his family tried to get any other human to join them on the ark? Which scriptures demonstrate that Jehovah gave them instructions to save other humans on the ark?

    ... and why would any all powerful god have to kill kiwis and koala bears on the opposite side of the planet in order to punish his tribe?

    If something doesn't make sense, it doesn't stand to reason that you are stupid, or need someone cleverer than you, or who gets messages from an invisible friend, to explain it to you. It can simply be because it doesn't make sense.

    Have a look in your library for books that teach critical thinking skills. The Watchtower trained you to bury those skills. Now that you realise that the WT was scamming you, you should put plenty of effort into obtaining the skills you need to ensure that you will be safe from every other cult that is cueing up to 'save' you.

  • MC RubberMallet
    MC RubberMallet


  • leavingwt

    Have you read Captives of a Concept?

    What evidence is there to support the idea that Jesus selected the WT organization in 1919 as being special?

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