A "brief" synopsis of my story

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  • blindnomore

    Thanks for your story. It's heartwarming to hear that you become a better husband and neighbor since you abandoned the WT policy. JWs need to hear that. They have no idea what their rigid doctrine do to them-talking robots that programmed and trained to what to say and yet emty inside.

  • OnTheWayOut

    S 2 S, thanks for the story. Even if you aren't depressed, doing any of the JW stuff is depressing, so it is easy to say that.

    I didn't use the "depressed" method, but it does seem to be a preferred way. Strength to you in that. If you need to add to it, seeing a doctor in any way at all, including even a doctor on television, allows you to say you are seeing a doctor. Any medication at all including a vitamin or an aspirin or antacid allows you to say you are on medication.

    So you can say "I have been depressed, I am seeing a doctor and taking medication." Beyond saying what you need to, push them off as much as possible. "I will call you if I need you." If they push back and bother you, you can also try to be needy. Tell them you really need help with some cash and you have so many important projects to do at home that you could use help with, projects that involve paint or hammers or serious gardening. If they really want to help you, they can loan you money, they can bring their paintbrush over next weekend. They won't do it.

  • jamiebowers

    I find it interesting that your mother committed adultery, and you did as well. Without knowing all of the details, I suspect you have some issues to explore and settle. That being said, you have a legitimate excuse for NOT jumping back on the Watch Tower wheel.

  • NewChapter

    Welcome S2S! you sound happy, and that's wonderful. Well the way I see it, you are recently reinstated therefore you are 'weak'! yeah, yeah, it sounds bad, but it is certainly another card you can play. WE know you are really strong, but they don't need to know that. You feel just awful---so unworthy---blah, blah. Like that. As long as your wife loves and forgives you, then party on. privately. Cuz you are weak. Remember?

    I wish you the best on your fade.


  • Quandry

    One thing you could say is that you could not take the stress of taking on responsibilities, as you feel that stress played a part in your earlier indiscretion.

    Your wife seems wonderful. You will be in a hard place now, as she is die-hard JW, and you do not want to hurt her. For now, just try to do fun things together when you can, and gradually fade somewhat.

  • Flossycat

    Hi S2S. What an inspirational story. You've been through quite a dramatic turn of events, and come through so strong. Congratulations. And best wishes on your journey.

    And welcome.

    Flossycat. Melbourne, Australia.

  • Bubblegum Apotheosis
    Bubblegum Apotheosis

    "sheep2slaugher" it might be premature to try to fade, your wife kept you? What will your wife think, will she think something is up again? The religion is probably what kept you two married, after you cheated? If you start to fade this quick into the game, your unbiased and unconditionally loving family hair will stand up on their backs, and they will judge you as a manipulator!

    You won't be asked to be a elder or M.S., that's gone even in many fundamental churches, once a minister does this, you can't find work. It would be to obvious and self serving to act this fast, you wanted back in, you got it. IMHO

  • jemba

    Welcome and thankyou S2S for your story.

    I too am a fader and live by the mantra 'do to others as you want them to do to you'.

    Focusiing on love of neighbour is great, I love my new non-judgemental self.


  • Sheep2slaughter

    So Much great feedback on this site! Thanks guys.

    @onthewayout: I love the,"Im 'seeing a doctor' and 'taking meds' schitck!! Awesome!!!

    @jamiebowers: Issues???? Me???? getoutahere!! LOL

    @bubblegum: I hadn't really thought about it being to early to fade. I think you are onto something there. Thanks for the advice.

    @everyone else so far: Thanks for the warm welcome and feedback!!

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