Got my Privileges Removed today, any advice?

by mrbunyrabit 102 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • wasblind

    And if they talk out of their asses, you can imagine what comes out of their mouths

  • mamalove

    Do you have the circumstances to be able to have freedom to research your doubts?

    Are there major reprecussions if you stop going to meetings? Do you have friends and family not in the organization?

    Do you think in time the information you have been fed will be cracked and eventually you will have the presence of mind to establish your own truth, in your own mind, and with confidence live that life for yourself?

    Can you picture yourself happy outside of the confines of the JW culture?

    Most people on this board were once happy JW's. Then some information came along that changed their minds, they got to researching, and went through the process of sorting out what had been burned into their brain. I personally think it takes at the minimum 6 months to "de-program."

    Think it through carefully, you might need a strategy if you choose to distance yourself from the lifestyle. If you decide to stay in, and go to some meetings, hey maybe you will learn something and realize it is for you and it is the way you want to live. Maybe not having your questions answered won't bother you so much after a while.

    As far as being deleted/removed, people get removed, step down all of the time. PLEASE do not give in or look down or ashamed. Raise your head up high, in fact, have extra big smiles on your face, be warm and friendly. It will definitely stump them as to why you are so happy.

    Being kicked out of anything is never fun because it hurts ones dignity. Leaving the JW's was the most dignifying thing I have done for myself and my children.

  • Ding

    WT "privileges" are a lot like Tom Sawyer giving his friends the "privilege" of painting the fence for him.

    Replace "privileges" with "unpaid busy work" and count your blessings that you don't have to do it any more.

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