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  • MoodyBlue

    I recalled something said a while back by an elder during a service meeting a while back. I beleive it was a local needs part on getting out in service. Basically what he said was this:

    - Jehovah expects us to go out in the door to door ministry even if we hate it or are not good at it. He expects us to make sacrifices. It would be improper of us to say to Jehovah that we loved him, but didn't like going house to house, so we'd just do business territory or phone witnessing. Being a witness means u should be active in all avenues of service, not just the ones you find comfortable.-

    Immediately I got my guard up. It seemed absolutely ludicrous to me that we should HAVE to do all kinds of service, regardless of our comfort level or ability. Why on earth, if one excels at something or likes it more, shouldn't he or she concentrate on doing that to serve Jehovah?? If u are good at something and u LIKE it, arne't u more apt to be a little more productive??

    What is with this whole service thing? Why isn't it a pleasure to serve Jehovah? Well, apart from the fact that an organization makes the rules... But it just boggles my mind some of the things ssaid from the platform or in comments.

    Other examples that touched a nerve:

    " You don't need to have special circumstances to pioneer- u need to have special circumstances NOT to pioneer"

    " Everyone in Jehovah's organization should want to pioneer."

    " Studying the bible with the aid of christian publications will bring u closer to Jehovah."

    Then there's the married elder who, from the platform, calls his wife "Sister so&so." Buddy- SHE'S YOUR WIFE NOT YOUR SISTER!!

    There's being guilt tripped to make all the meetings as they are provisions from Jehovah thru the faithful and discreet slave...

    Anyway, it's not like my husband gets these pet peeves of mine, so I'm sharing them here:)
    Hope u don't mind

  • thinker

    Moody Blue,
    Go to this site and read the statistics on the JWs and you will have a better understanding of their "push" for more hours.


  • amicus

    It looks like you are on the right track. I used to listen to that nonsense and nod my head submissively.
    I had written my take on using "Christian Publications" to study the Bible and lost my connection before I posted[>:(]. I don't have time to retype my rant now, maybe later.

  • joel

    Hi MoodyBlue...good post!
    Brought back memories...readin' some of those platform quotes.

    Heres' one that always would bug know the "five-fingers" needed to get into the kingdom.

    "There are 5 our 5 fingers holding on to God's Kingdom...if you don't go to one of the meetings(like bookstudy)'s like tryin' to hold on to the Kingdom with just 4 fingers"...and so on it went depending on how many meetings you missed.

    Funny thing is...the Christians in Acts...only met together once a week...on the first day of the week(Sunday).
    Oh well!!

    Thanx again


  • thinkers wife
    thinkers wife

    Oh the memories. I had forgotten. Don't blaming you for needing to vent your frustrations MB. We've all had them.
    Vent any time you need to.
    Joel, you too. Brought it all back. "oh for the leeks and the onions" oh no that was the Jews sorry.

  • Martini

    Hello MoodyBlue,

    I agree with you that serving God should be a natural and uplifting experience.Not a burden or ritual as we are made to feel by all the legalistic demands of a publishing corporation like the Society has proved itself to be!

    I was just pondering this thought today.How is it that As JW's we claim that Jehovah wants our service to come from a willing spirit, out of our own hearts desire and free choice.
    Yet according to the Society it appears Jah is not only demanding we serve Him but is spelling out in great detail what are the terms and conditions that He will accept!
    Of which door to door knocking, attending 5 meetings/week and studing WT publications all the time are number one, top of the list.

    How can we say we are doing these things of our own initiatve and love for God when infact we have no liberty to choose what it is we would like to do for God?

    On the other hand most 'wordly' people know nothing of all these demands and pre-requisits but will do works of human kindness and charity when they feel their heart compeled to do so. God does not need to ask or force these ones, instead they do so willingly,without compulsion. They do these works not because it is asked but because they freely choose to do so from their own initiative and reasonings.

    Despite this we are told by the WTS that God does not accept such offerings,that they are not doing his Will, and that therefore no matter how small or great their good deeds all that 'God' will give in return is destruction!

    Sheesh, all I can say is..PooWee on the WatchTower Society!!!

  • amicus

    No matter how many times I hear it, I never grow tired of the real truth.
    Shaken not stirred,

  • thinkers wife
    thinkers wife

    Well said Martini,
    I know some wonderful people who do very good things for the community just because they want to. If there is a god such as mainline religions teach, I think he looks on these works very favorably. Even more so, because it is from their hearts. Not out of some sense of obligations.

  • trevor

    All atempts to offer help or charity are a waste of time. With the end of this wicked system just days away, we should devote all our energies to promoting the teachings of the WT as they have proved for over a hundred years that they have the truth.

    Er - actually that was a JOKE!


  • mommy

    You know what I hated?
    When someone in the congregation was reproved and almost immediatly after there would be a "special needs" talk given. Then everyone knew why that person was reproved. I think the elders should use discretion and at least wait a week or two.
    Also they always talked about persucution as prove that they were the true religion. When I learned about the holocaust in school, I was dumbfounded that there were others who died for the sake of their religion.
    Martini~ You hit the nail on the head:)

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