Do You Ever Feel Invisible?

by Broken Promises 62 Replies latest jw friends

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    I'm walking around the street or shopping mall. People almost walk into me. Umm, can't you see that a person is only inches away from your body?

    I send emails, private messages to people I helped a year ago. Spent hours chatting to them over the net sorting thru their problems. Now they don't have the time of day to just say hello.

    You post in a thread. People comment on everyone else's posts but yours.

    I post a thread about feeling invisible. Chances are that this will die a quick death just like other threads I've started.


  • tornapart

    Happens all the time BP! (((hugs))) for you! :)

  • N.drew

    Yes I do.

    I once volunteered to take a needy sister to convention. She told me she would pay me back. I said please don't worry about it. I paid for almost everything. She gave me some toll money which I thought was nice and I said thank you. I was genuinely happy to help. I am sure that she must have said thank you for dinner. But when I dropped her off after the three days I lingered a little while to give her the chance to say "thanks". She didn't. She has not called me in two years. I think it is awful strange.

    I realize she might be shy. So I really expected nothing but a "thank you". But she didn't say. I wonder why. It is like I am worthless, invisible.

  • ohiocowboy

    You will never be invisible to me!

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    been there. I remember laborday weekend in 2001. I had left my cong humiliated because I was considered an abusive husband. Also moved out of the area. I was in a new cong with zero friends. None of my family are JW's so I just HATED that weekend. Alone. Walking in a mall was the worst thing I ever did. Everyone there is on a mission and it wasn't to meet me. Invisible is probably the worst punishment, ever

  • 00DAD

    WH: Invisible is probably the worst punishment, ever

    That's why JWs do it, to be mean and vindictive.

    BP: I love your posts. I almost didn't even open this thread but it was when I saw you started it that I decided to see what was on your mind.

  • tec

    Actually, I opened it because I saw you had started it as well.

    Sometimes when you (in general) get ignored on a post, I think it is because people don't want to think about what you have said. Sometimes it only seems like you're being ignored. I know I've chuckled at lots of posts, but don't comment on the board.

    You are not invisible. I'm sorry that you have been feeling that way. ((((BP))))



  • elderelite

    BP dear.......

    I see you

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Did somebody start a thread here?

    I've definitely felt like the "invisible man" at the mall. But I've also ignored plenty of people while existing blithely in my own bubble.

    FWIW, I enjoy your posts and am glad you're here.


  • N.drew

    Hi Broken Promises. When I first started posting on JWN I could not believe how many times (hundreds) my posts got ignored. When they weren't being ingored they were being insulted. It was the weirdest thing. Like magic. Well, now people have even admitted they won't read my posts. So I was offended, and I am still offended when they attack the person of N.drew, but ignore the post (or insult it).. I am 1. not imagining it 2. sometimes I blow it out of proportion 3. I'm am not going back to check if it isn't real.

    So then I had a closer look at forum and noticed that indeed more posts of many posters are ignored. And it is funny really!

    Also I try to notice and reply to posts that have no feedback yet, because I know how it feels.

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