Repent because God's Kingdom has drawn close!

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  • designs

    I thought Sweden banned Believers and Burkas.....

  • Iamallcool

    kosonen, fo

  • shamus100

    Get f*****.

  • mrsjones5

    This judgemental topic does nothing for me.

  • N.drew

    Please refer to Proverbs 6:16

    The traditional understanding is that YHWH hates these in people, but what I believe it means is anyone who insists on employing these things is himself hating The Lord. Savvy?

    So lets have a look see;

    lofty eyes-means having a high opinion of one's self Not much of that here, just me, maybe.

    Lying tongue-means using words to mislead. That becomes the responsibility of the hearer. Someone might be as honest as the day is getting old, but how their words are received is whether they will be causing a misleading. I think most people here understand that. And nobody here is making a religion out of their opinion.

    Hands that pour out the blood of the innocent-means shedding the blood of the exempted (blameless is the usually definition, but none are blameless against their neighbor, none). Jah can cause a standing of whomever Jah pleases. The Watchtower teaches differently.

    A heart (inner man, skillful man) devising (That means together which does not define us!! haha!!!) (But it does define the Organization) intentions, purposes (OK, do we have a purpose??) But YOU do!

    Yes I'm working alone!

    I lost my place. Can I do the rest later? I'm making turkey today, and I lost my place.....

  • N.drew

    Clears head....

    Feet (with the flavor of following) And we know for darn sure nobody is doing much following HERE

    are in a hurry Look that one up! to run with the flavor of dashing to and fro and guarding to badness (calamity, adversity) Are you guys still looking forward to The Great One? That is another interesting aside. The badness comes from the root word ra? Like the god ra?

    A false witness that speaks lies.

    And he that sends discord, or strife amoung brothers. This is the one the Society uses against the brothers, but it doesn't mean contention, like the NWT translates it. It means strife. These ones who have left did not cause strife. Contention, yes, but only if they spoke. Most did not. It is a lie to use this against anyone who would move the flock forward. Seek Jah. Seek righteousness. Seek meekness. Not loftiness. Like this; "come to the Watchtower, we have your salvation, come get it".

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    You sound like that gunman in Oslo who killed all those "evil sinners" to teach the world a lesson they will never forget. He thought he was "pure" and on a mission, all smug about the outcome.

  • shamus100


    Maybe someone should call the authorities.

  • N.drew

    So, who?

  • Reality79

    LMAO @ the pictures!!

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